Akashic Soul Nourishment Reading :: December Winter Solstice 2017

Akashic Soul Nourishment Reading :: December Winter Solstice 2017

Sea serpent glides through the sinewy slimy crevice, tubular caverns... is it intestines? Birth canal? Shedding of a skin?

Stillness = potentiality. In stillness we meet the serpent dragons that encircle us. Two serpent dragons appear and circulate our body as if chasing the other’s tail. The sacred hoop. Life, death, rebirth.

You command them in your stillness. From this underworld/netherworld, you ride the sea serpent into the watery depths of ..primordial sea, riding upon her back to the surface and enter the earthly realm where beauty and destruction surround you.

Akashic Soul Nourishment Reading :: November 2017

Akashic Soul Nourishment Reading :: November 2017

The cosmic egg we see again... this time its molten lava shell is hardening, rolling, and cracking amidst the surrounding flow of fire. Lava flow.

Pele emerges.

Goddess of volcanic fury, eruptive beauty, fiery temperament. She is seductive. Mesmerizing... calls us in with beauty and magnetism, like a moth to flame.

Do not play with fire,” Pele says. “Create relationship with it. Remember your ancestral connection to the rivers of fire that flow beneath your surface. There is a right way to withstand the heat, and work with it so as not to burn you. Work with it.

Mind Your Inner Ecology: Your Microbiome + Health

Mind Your Inner Ecology: Your Microbiome + Health

Nerd alert: I have a confession... I’m a total science geek and I realize many of you are too, so I’ll be sharing more posts on the science of nutrition + health, and how it all fits within the greater scope of spirituality + “feeding your wild” on all levels ;)

Fact #1: You are more bacterial DNA than you are human DNA

Fact #2: The health of your microbiome (and inner living landscape) determines your health and development of dis-ease or wellness.

Akashic Soul Nourishment Reading :: October 2017

golden egg.png

Image source: Pinterest

About Monthly Soul Nourishment Readings: Just as I weave in spiritual nourishment from the Akashic Records for my clients along with their nutritional protocols on an individual basis, I’ve been inspired to start sharing these readings in a monthly column to support the collective with general monthly themed-readings… and so Monthly Akashic Soul Nourishment Readings were born. These readings are usually filled with metaphor & symbols, so may require a bit of unraveling & might mean something different for each person, so pay attention to what comes up for you as you read on. Hope they provide value and moments of reflection in your journey. xo, V

Hot. Fiery lava, swirling as in a cauldron, liquid fire enveloping, encapsulating the body. First the feet. Then the legs. The pelvis. Beginning to harden as it cools from bottom, encasing in stone as it makes its way up… moving upward to the belly, the chest and heart… it feels suffocating and restrictive. Up the fingers, hands, arms.. Encasing the neck, then lips so you cannot speak with words. Covering the nose, so you cannot take a breath. Then the eyes so you cannot see. Then the top of the head, fully crystallizing the whole of the body – casting it in stone.

Stone people… forgotten, underground… thousands of souls captured inside, hardened in this stone, rock, rock people. So many unseen. Until now. They are every woman… every man… all people.

The hardening of the world in a stone cast, a shell, an earthen egg.

Such is this reverse development process, moving back into the golden yolk – the originating essence. The golden essence that is multiuniversal potential… embryonic, back to the beginning again to the elixir of life.

With this egg, we heal. Sing, chant, allow the egg to capture your fears, pains, untruths, purgings, density that is unfitting for you…

The essence of the egg is to bring back to mystery for healing and clearing.

Restore the truth, light, life force.

Oneness. Om. Ohm. Ω. O.

Process is underway and indiscriminate. The golden yolk is the sweet nectar of life providing nourishment and restoration, and the alchemical force that transmutes and transforms.

La Limpia ya empezó.



I have a confession. Writing the reflections is my least favorite part of the reading process  I believe it’s because the imagery, symbols, storytelling, metaphor – they are a language that cannot fully be translated, I can never do it justice. Not to mention how dense and potent they can often be – it would take me pages to reflect upon it all (and hours of research)! My hope is that you tune into your own meaning and reflection, through imagination and impression.

Having said all that, I acknowledge some words of context may be helpful… my recommendation is to sit with the reading and imagery first – much like an oracle card, then once you have tuned into what it means for you, take a look at the reflections for additional input.

The state of the world is… well… shit shows everywhere, yes? External, internal… there’s no doubt we are unearthing hidden (but not so hidden) “truths.” The process can feel suffocating and yet freeing. Painful and yet transformative. Fiery, active, nonlinear, spiraling movement and yet parallelizing.   

Funerary art.

The stone people reminded me of the Terracotta Army – soldier-and-horse funerary statues depicting the armies of the first Emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang. More than 8,000 statue soldiers and cavalry were carved and buried with the Emperor as a form of funerary art – protecting him in the afterlife. With every cycle and shedding, there is a death – and afterlife. Give thought to what you desire in your afterlife – how can you honor your life and spirit after this current cycle (whatever that may be for you) ends?


Om – sacred sound and symbol… the soul and self… universal truth, the all and everything… mystic syllable and vibration that carries all. The Word of God.

Ohm – the measurement of power as a function of resistance. Resist… resist…

Ω – 24th and last letter in Greek alphabet, literally meaning “great O”… the extreme, the final part, the end.

Oneness. We are re-membering our Oneness (which has only been forgotten in our minds).

O – The sacred circle. Totality, original perfection, infinite, cyclic, whole, perfection, self, God.

La Limpia – egg cleansing.

This is an ancient form of shamanic healing practiced in Mesoamerica by curanderos (healers). In the cleansing, the raw egg is run over the person’s body by the healer to release stuck, stagnant, and negative energies as the egg acts like a sponge. In relationship with nature and guided by spirit and intuition, the healer utilizes the properties of the egg to heal, open and bring individuals back to balance. This process is powerful and effective, yet not a panacea and requires multiple sessions for stronger effect – each time, the healee is able to increase and sustain their transformation and ability to maintain a higher vibrational state. In this same way, we – our world – will require a continual process and cycle of healing. Yet with each round – given that we honor and effect change within our lives and systems to maintain these positive shifts – we will be able to maintain the highest vision we have for ourselves and the world.



2 revolutionary ways to support yourself in crazy times like these…

women holding hands.jpeg

First, I want you to know that I see you and I honor you.

The past 2 months have been “heavy” to say the least. The impact of the recent natural disasters has been far-reaching, and even if you don’t have direct connections to folks and places that have been impacted, we still feel it collectively. My family is from Puerto Rico – both sets of grandparents came to Chicago to raise their families and make a living that supported their future generations (including me  I still have family and friends on the island and the shit show that’s happening over there is devastating for so many, and incredibly frustrating to watch from afar… unable truly help in the way that I would like but attempting to support them in the ways that I can.

Then there’s the recent Las Vegas shooting and the fires that are currently decimating parts of California including homes and businesses, and so many other catastrophes that just bring us to our knees. And that’s not even including the personal “hurricanes” that we may be experiencing in our individual lives.

As we navigate this thing called life, and the tumultuous waves of change engulfing our experience and breath, it’s even THAT much more important that we (1) radically nourish ourselves so we can be fully present and able to do our part, and (2) fiercely support inclusion – inclusion of ALL people, ideas, stories, beings…


Radical self-nourishment

Yea yea, here’s the self-care talk again, right? Well, yes. I can’t stress how imperative it is to nourish ourselves NO MATTER THE CIRCUMSTANCES. Of course, this is going to look different depending on what is going on in your life… i.e. if you don’t have power or water and are in survival mode, if you’ve lost your home or a loved one, then self-nourishment is going to look different than when you were experiencing less arduous times. I’m not talking about “spa days” or other out-of-reach luxuries. What the heck does radical self-nourishment look like when you’re dealing with life-altering circumstances or pain-staking challenges?

It looks like…

…taking 2 minutes to take deep cleansing breaths

…appreciating the beauty within the hardship – there is always beauty

…holding your child a minute longer

…hydrating and bathing your body and cells regularly with filtered or spring water

…allow the tears to flow and release your pain

…honoring all beings & the earth by choosing consciously grown and raised food when possible

…sending prayers, donations, money, waves of support to those who need them more than you do

…smell and take in the perfection of a flower or herb medicine

…telling your family and friends that you love them

…face yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that you love YOU

Everything is temporary, and there are no guarantees in life. But as long as you are on this Earth walk, one constant is your need for nourishment for your body, mind, and soul. No exceptions.


Fiercely support Inclusion

In a recent Akashic Record monthly circle I’m apart of, we talked about the concept and essence of inclusion, which came about as a theme.

Inclusion is a revolutionary concept in and of itself these days… think about it – how many of our systems and structures are based on exclusion and exclusivity? We can see this obviously with wealth distribution in the US, where the richest 1% own more wealth than the bottom 90%. At least 11% of the global population is hungry – excluded from access to food, despite there being more than enough (and so much waste). I could go on.

The point, however, is that inclusion is an ancient remedy for restoring health to the whole – on the personal and community level. It’s a way of “re-membering” ourselves and all our relations to restore whole-ness.

That’s what tribal living was all about – and excommunication (i.e. exclusion from the tribe and community) was essentially a death sentence. Our biology and cellular memory, then, tells us that exclusion = death, and inclusion = health and wholeness.

I’ve been thinking a lot about these 2 concepts, and working on ways to incorporate these into my life and business model in a sustaining, and life-affirming way. I encourage you to take these ideas into your life and health plan, and I’d love to hear the different ways radical self-nourishment and fierce inclusion show up in your experience and how they make a difference for you and others. 


Akashic Soul Nourishment Reading :: September 2017


About Monthly Soul Nourishment Readings: Just as I weave in spiritual nourishment from the Akashic Records for my clients along with their nutritional protocols on an individual basis, I’ve been inspired to start sharing these readings in a monthly column to support the collective with general monthly themed-readings… and so Monthly Akashic Soul Nourishment Readings were born. These readings are usually filled with metaphor & symbols, so may require a bit of unraveling & might mean something different for each person, so pay attention to what comes up for you as you read on. Hope they provide value and moments of reflection in your journey. xo, V


Warrior princesses. Hurricanes. Fires. War. Sacred Spirals.

A woman in an ancient bamboo forest holds sacred ceremony, we see her through the bamboo sticks as she takes a ladle filled with golden liquid light and pours it into another container and stirs… swirling… spiral… alchemy of the universe inside this tiny vessel.

“Take great care and prepare, warrior princesses. Our weaving is that of a warrior’s cape, the collective weaving is a battle tapestry of light workers. We individually cannot see the whole picture. The vantage point of each being is different (which is the point) and we won’t be able to “see” the whole as it is in process of creation – we must come together for the vision to be seen. It’s like the weaving of a fire blanket, it needs to be big enough and takes time to create in order to extinguish the biggest fire we have encountered yet. Seek out the masters of weaving. The golden thread. The connection of chakras of Mama Earth. Weave. Do your part.”


Wolverine shows up.

“Do not be afraid. Call upon all of us – war is coming. Singing your songs is weaving. It is time to reveal your gifts and inner treasures. Come out of hiding. Be focused and determined.”


Sacred Spirals.

“Drawing spirals in the sand with a wooden staff, the stirring of elements. Hurricanes, tornadoes, fires… Winds are shifting, changing, up-leveling.

Sacred Spirals. Life cycle – birth, embodied life experience, flight, death, transmutation.

Snake medicine.

Your life is a prayer. What are you praying for?


Alright, this one is a biggie and was a challenge for me to piece together for you…

Often times my readings will incorporate elements of my experience of the actual days before and after – as if my daily experiences are part of the reading even when I have not accessed the Akashic formerly (since there is no actual “space time” in this realm, it makes sense that these elements from a different time or day would be woven in as part of the reading). In this reading, I was shown “flashbacks to these moments” – in the days before and after I had seen a caterpillar, then the following morning found a lifeless butterfly. Along the same morning meditation walk, I also came across a lifeless snake. Birth, life, death, transmutation. The cycles, spirals of life…

In the ancient Andean worldview, all events in the universe or group of universes follow a spiral. Pachakuti, according to don Oscar Miro-Quesada (curandero, teacher, and transpersonal psychologist), is “‘world reversal’ or ‘world revolution;’ an Inka notion of a shift in spiritual, magnetic, and energetic currents of the Earth brought about by a critical mass or matrix of high-vibration transformed and transformational consciousness (usually human), causing massive upheavals and cosmic changes in both the activities and consciousness-reality paradigm of humanity and leading to a distinct, more “whole” or all-encompassing world and world-view.”

With the spiral, everything “returns” periodically in cycle but with major qualitative leaps forward. Rutgerd Boelens writes: It is believed that violent breaks or cataclysms can happen to re-establish the cycle/spiral hydro-cosmology… catastrophes shake up the “Kay Pacha” or “this world,” the realm of consensus reality.

Obviously with the natural disasters, denial of climate change, the spiraling of our collective consciousness as we move forward… then feeling as though we move backward again, all of this imagery and messaging felt poignant and urgent. We are at war. But it may be a different war than we anticipate or expect. Nonetheless, we are called to witness the sacred spiral cycle and cosmic forces, acknowledge and take ownership of our role in this process, and “weave” together fearlessly by showing up, in an authentic and unapologetic way.

Seek out the masters of weaving.” All lineages and cultures had master weavers (roles traditionally held by women) – basket weavers, textile weavers, storytellers, etc. We also have our animal teachers such as Spider from whom we all learned. This is a directive to turn to our great ancestors, indigenous peoples, living wisdom keepers of this knowledge, craft, and understanding, as well as the new “masters of weaving” of today (whomever that may be) for guidance, support, and teachings.

We are weaving a new story – at the individual and collective levels and must weave together.

Wolverine represents fearlessness and ferocity – rising to the challenge.

Butterfly represents beauty, transformation, and change.

Snake represents shedding of our illusions and limitations, death, and rebirth.

It’s time to take care of yourself so you can show up… and live every moment of your life as if it was a prayer. It all matters.


Interested in a personal Akashic Soul Nourishment Reading + inquiry? Email hello@wildlyrooted.com for session details and scheduling.

Wild Food As Medicine :: Honey

Nourishment During Eclipse Season

You guys… SO much going on with Eclipse season. While I am not an astrologer, I do recognize how cosmic shifts have a HUGE impact on our lives (and I’m seeing it with my clients very strongly this month).

Dubbed the Great American Eclipse, there will be a solar eclipse August 21st that will cast a shadow upon the entire US. We can think about this particular Eclipse as all of the collective “shadow” and unresolved and untruths coming up to a head like a pimple waiting to be popped (gross imagery but that seems accurate!), so it can feel painful, inflamed, ugly, but an opportunity for the healing process to continue on now and afterward.

The time of a solar eclipse can be seen as a major reversal of the “rulers” and people, representing a collective rebirth. And this rebirth has a LOT to do with reclaiming of the divine feminine (which is in flow, loving, receiving, sharing, Mama Earth energy) and there’s a great deal of “masculine” shadow energy surfacing on an individual level as well as collectively.

A solar eclipse offers a particularly powerful window of opportunity to begin to working with the light of your subtle energy body.

So what can we do to take care of ourselves in this deep and transformative time? 

For one, we can support ourselves with deeply nourishing + medicinal foods – and Wild Raw Honey hits the mark on ALL levels, body, mind and spirit.


Ancient. Healthy. Medicinal. Indestructible. Holy.

That just about sums it up for the magical nectar that is Honey. In ancient Hebrew texts, honey is referred to as “the truth” because it is perfect in its original form.

I get a lot of clients that are afraid to incorporate honey because there’s a lot of fear-mongering related to sugar and those who are addressing Candida issues are also trying to stay away from most sweets.

I actually encourage the use of natural sweeteners (in small-moderate amounts) such as honey in its most raw form, since it offers so much more than sweetness... and we need sweetness in all aspects of our lives!

Raw unprocessed honey is a living medicinal food with antimicrobial, antiviral, antioxidant properties, that has been used for ages as a source of nutrition and medicine. The science of beekeeping began in ancient Egypt, but humans have been foraging for wild honey since the dawn of man!

Collected by the female worker bees from untold numbers of flowers and plant species, it’s literally made from golden nectar created by light energy and plants, sipped by the bees - alchemy at it’s finest.

There are an enormous variety of phytochemicals, enzymes, nutrients, and minerals that can support your immune system and body’s ability to adapt to a variety of challenges. Raw local honey is wonderful for allergies, colds, flus, sinus infections, adrenal dysfunction, throat issues, stomach and intestinal issues such as IBS/SIBO, viral issues, and more.

We could all use more wild foods in our diet and wild raw honey is fairly easy to come by! All honey should be eaten raw, as cooked/heated honey contains no enzymes. Honey is the only food (that I know of) that doesn’t spoil! It has also been proven to tone down assertive flavors, which is why it goes so well in mustards, vinaigrettes, and often included in herbal remedies to make the medicine go down smoother, literally.

You can also use honey topically for its medicinal properties as well, especially Manuka honey derived from New Zealand. Warning: You don’t want to give honey to children under the age of one, though, due to potential contamination with botulism.

My favorite ways to have honey are...

  • In my herbal teas and lemon water - make sure not to add it when it's piping hot tho!

  • Add to dressings or sauces that will be served raw

  • Drizzled over organic fresh fruit in the hot summer

  • Straight up! I'll do this when I'm coming down with something or I feel the beginnings of a sore throat - 1 tsp straight.

Besides creating a medicinal superfood, Bees are a critical part of our ecosystem! To learn 10 ways you can support bees and save them from the global bee crisis and loss of habitat, click here.

Solar-Powered Honey Tea for Solar Plexus (3rd Chakra)


The solar plexus is the 3rd chakra, our place of personal power and will. It’s associated with the color yellow and is the seat of our emotions and our desire for non-dominating power, energy, and spontaneity.

Nourishing and balancing this chakra will activate our soul and enable us to be confident, focused and tap into our power, transforming our emotions into soulful passions that will radiate outward.


You will need:

1 glass gallon container

1 gallon filtered or spring water

6-8 tea bags or 6-8 tbsp of dried herbs/seed

1/4 cup or 2 tbsp raw local honey (if you can’t find raw, local wildflower honey is ok)


Choose your herbs (this can be tea bags pre-made or loose leaf herbs that you gather yourself). I recommend any combination of the following (organic if possible):

Lemon or Orange Peel, Anise Seed, Eleuthero Root, Cinnamon Bark, Fenugreek, Fennel Seed, Damiana Leaf, Ginger Root, Cardamom Seeds, Rosemary, Lemongrass, Marshmallow Leaf


Here are 2 tea companies online that make yummy blends for our 3rd chakra (you can also use any tea company you find and trust):

Buddha Teas

Simpson & Vail



  1. *Early in the day*: fill a gallon jar with water, tea bags and honey; cover and place jar out in a sunny spot for 3-5 hours.
  2. Remove from outdoors, shake jug to be sure the honey is well-mixed; remove tea-bags (these can go in the compost).
  3. Place jar in fridge to chill or serve over some ice.
  4. Enjoy with friends while witnessing The Great American Solar Eclipse on 8/21!