Akashic Soul Nourishment Reading :: June 2018

Artist unknown - please contact for credit

Artist unknown - please contact for credit

About Monthly Soul Nourishment Readings: Just as I weave in spiritual nourishment from the Akashic Records for my clients along with their nutritional protocols on an individual basis, I’ve been inspired to start sharing these readings in a monthly column to support the collective with general monthly themed-readings… and so Monthly Akashic Soul Nourishment Readings were born.

These readings are usually filled with metaphor & symbols, so may require a bit of unraveling & might mean something different for each person, so pay attention to what comes up for you as you read on. Hope they provide value and moments of reflection in your journey. xo, V

Serpent dragon appears, floating toward you in a dance cutting through thick muddy water, its vigorous yet graceful movement awakens a sense of unapologetic freedom... a trance.

Serpent is suited for its ever-evolving environment... shedding when necessary, suiting up with appropriate attire... wetsuit, heat resistant, flame retardant, reflective mirror-like scales shining yet deflecting what is not yours.

Nothing can stop or slow down Serpent.

It is well-equipped for change, variety, and obstacles.

It’s on its way home... hole in one, back to the subterranean world where the work is being done.

Before it disappears, Serpent bites into the forbidden fruit... into truth, knowledge, the root... of it All.

Our origin story started with Sin - it missed the mark.

Re-vival, re-storying, re-constructing, the story is being re-written.

Mitochondrial Eve is recoiling, our DNA rebeading and reweaving, anahata backward + forward... the timeline of our heart & truth. Pure, beginningless and eternal.



Dance of the Serpent

The cosmic Serpent dances its way back home telling us the journey back to Self, back to our Truth & wholeness - as individuals and a collective - is already happening, and it is fraught with challenges, obstacles, and fear.  

The way to wholeness, Oneness, and our true “home” requires determination, preparation and shape-shifting to move through a variety of situations with more ease and grace. Are you suited for your conditions? It is a choice.

Nothing is going to stop the cosmic turning of tides, so you better prepare yourself and stay committed to your own endurance and resilience through adaptability.


Mitochondrial Eve & Sin

In this cosmic dance and journey back home to Self, there is a process of re-storying that is happening. The word Sin originates from “missing the mark,” and ironically the interpretation of the story we are told about Eve and the Forbidden Fruit which was given to her by Serpent has denigrated women through our role in the "banishment" from paradise.

We are literally living through a re-writing of this Origins story that has missed the mark for so long, with divine feminine energy resurrecting to restore balance we so desperately need. This is happening on a societal level, most obviously, as well as a spiritual and DNA level...

Mitochondrial Eve is a term used to denote mitochondrial DNA, the unique genetic code that is passed down from female to female, giving us the ability to trace our maternal lineage back thousands of years.

Mitochondrial DNA is separate from nuclear DNA, and is not only responsible for energy metabolism in nearly every cell (the “powerhouses” of our cells), we now know that chronic metabolic diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes, glucose intolerance, dyslipidemia, obesity, and elevated blood pressure, and more, occur due to mitochondrial disruption. We are also now coming to understand how our mitochondria and circadian rhythm impact literally every aspect of health.

The surge of the most common chronic diseases occurring today are due to disruption of our mitochondria - are you seeing the connections?

Mitochondrial Eve is thought to be the beginning of life forms as we know them today: the ancestor of dinosaurs, flowers & trees, butterflies, all animals, and yes, humans. If you were born female, you carry mitochondria in every cell in your body that can be traced back to your ancient great-great-great-beyond grandmother. Those whom were born male have the mitochondria of their mother but cannot pass this ancient genetic code on to their offspring.

We have missed the mark for so long, and now our mitochondrial DNA is re-coding through our actions, way of being, and journey back home.


Anahata, Truth, & Beginningless

Anahata is known as the heart chakra, and in Sanskrit means unhurt, unstruck, and unbeaten. It stands for pureness, immaculate, eternal. As we reweave and re-bead our mitochondrial DNA through our beingness here on earth, the effects are timeless... spanning the length of our lineage and beyond into past, present, future. As Chani Nichols has said: “What you heal in yourself you heal for your entire family line.”

While the road may be challenging and even unbearable at times, following the unstruck pure eternal sound of your heart is the surest and most expansive journey back home.

Are you unapologetically following the path of your heart?


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