Your Wildest, Soulful Best Year Yet


Hey Good-lookin'!

First off, happy sweetest Valentine's Day! The cup has runneth over with love from yesterday into today... Sending you SO much love, thanks and gratitude for being a part of this community and reading these words that I write from time to time. I appreciate your presence and have a special gift for you if you're into it :)

But first, some real talk. January and the first half of February have kicked my ass already. Not in a bad way, but in a this-ain't-Kansas-no-more-Dorothy kind of way.

Can you relate?

This is setting up to be an interesting and very potent year for many folks (many of my clients are saying the same), and this is the perfect time to transmute those initial January intentions into inspired action for the rest of the year.

One of my biggest intentions for 2017 is to stay radically committed to transparency and bringing my ALL to my mission of helping others through their healing journeys.

That means no longer hiding and censoring. No longer compartmentalizing myself and my gifts. No longer compromising myself for the perceived sake of others.

There's a perception of safety and comfort in hiding and holding ourselves back. There's an illusion that we won't get hurt, suffer, or make others uncomfortable.

But here's the problem:

You can't change the world if you're hiding from it.

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And you can't grow into the being you are meant to be on this Earth walk if you are hiding from yourself.

I often bring the art of tarot and intuitive practices into my work with clients.

Yup - I'm a highly trained evidence-based functional nutritionist that uses hard science AND deep spiritual tools and intuition because they work really well together. No longer in hiding ;)

One card that continues to show itself this year is the major arcana Tower card.

The Tower card is all about change, upheaval and worlds crumbling and literally falling apart around you.

While this can be a painful and confusing period, think of it like your Madonna Reinvention Tour card. The shell, identity, or world you have created or been living inside is blowing up in a necessary way for you to grow, expand and rise from the burning flames like the phoenix. A shamanic death. An emergence from your chrysalis cocoon.

The question is... what's your next move in this breakthrough?

It's time. Time to release what's old, not you, old stories and patterns, stale relationships (including those to food, health and yourself), and open yourself up to your Wild Soul New Year so you can see real transformation in your health - mind, body & soul.

That's why I would love to connect with you one-on-one for support and offer a free session to anyone who is interested and feeling called to dive deeper into their health and life THIS year to make it their wildest, most soulful and best year yet!

This Wild Soul New Year Discovery session is for you if...

  • You've been dealing with chronic or mystery health challenges that won't go away

  • You've seemingly tried everything and not seeing the results you would like in your health & life
  • You know you are meant to go deeper, rise higher, and make an impact on the world but your health or stuck old habits are holding you back

It’s my heart-felt intention to support you in your journey and healing path. Let's begin the process of making lasting changes and crafting your ecstatic life... ready?

Wild Soul New Year Discovery Session (30 min)

In this FREE discovery session, we’ll set the stage for you as Creatrix of your new year. We'll dive into what’s holding you back right now from having the health and life you desire (Lack of time? Habits? Discipline? Self-sabotage?) and create a vision that will pull you forward toward your soul goals.

This is also an opportunity for you to explore working together this year so you can finally make transformative changes in your health + life with the support of an intuitive nourishment coach by your side using functional nutrition, Akashic Records, and holistic healing modalities. 10 spots available. Calls conducted over phone/Skype. *For New Clients Only*

Click here to schedule your session before they are gone!

Email for more info or if you have questions.


I'm putting together lots of new offerings and fun ways to connect to this community of wild-hearted change-makers who are ready to step up in their health + life, so stay tuned.

Until then, stay wildly rooted!



A Certified Holistic Health Counselor, Functional Nutritionist, and Intuitive Nourishment Coach, Venessa Rodriguez is committed to helping wild-hearted women build physical health & vitality so they can unleash their creativity, tap into their spirituality and support what they really want to get in life.

Venessa is the founder of Unveiled Wellness (a functional nutrition private practice) & Wildly Rooted - a community where she offers a blend of holistic nutrition tools and healing modalities, nature-based ritual, and intuitive coaching.

Venessa holds a BA in International Studies from University of Chicago, finishing Masters in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine from University of Bridgeport, coaching certifications from Institute for Integrative Nutrition & Holistic Nutrition Lab, and has been trained in Akashic Records and Andean Mystical Traditions and energy work. Venessa has also been a performance artist as a dancer and actor for over 20 years and loves to weave creativity and storytelling into her work.

A Chicago girl at heart, Venessa now lives on a 15 acre organic farm in the heart of the Applegate Valley region in Southern Oregon. If you'd like to learn more about Venessa & her philosophy on health and wellbeing, you can check out this recent interview on the WisdomWomen Podcast.