{Video} She overcame 20+ years of chronic pain… this is how she did it

Imagine having to deal with chronic pain daily… for over 20 years. An invisible illness that others don’t see, but that you secretly deal with everyday preventing you from fully experiencing life in the way that you desire. Constantly worried about when the next flare up or breakout will happen, unable to do “normal” things you love like ride your bike or have sex without pain…

Going from doctor to doctor, trying to figure out what is “wrong” with you, trying all kinds of treatments, and not getting answers. Feeling alone, suffering from a chronic condition, doomed to a life filled with fear, frustration, and pain.

This is what Rebecca has had to deal with – and so many other women with chronic health challenges, seen and unseen.

After working together, Rebecca was finally able to experience relief and start enjoying those moments in life that we so often take for granted.

Her healing journey and story is an inspiring one and I had the honor of interviewing her so that she can share words of advice and hope for other women dealing with chronic illness.

In this video, we talk about our work together, Rebecca’s healing journey, what dietary approaches we used, how her faith, spirituality, and community played a huge role in Rebecca’s healing, and words of inspiration for those who are struggling.

While Rebecca’s story and process is unique to her (and that goes for the dietary approach and protocol we implemented, as EVERYONE is different!), her pain and challenges are universal. There are so many healing tools out there to support and enhance your body’s own innate capacity for healing – whether it’s food as medicine, community, spiritual practice, radical self care and love, meditation, and so much more! My intention for sharing Rebecca’s story is to instill hope in those that feel discouraged, and to share the tools that have worked for her.


A holistic + soul nourishing approach to healing

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