SACRED ECOLOGY :: Where it ALL begins

Artwork by  Carlos Bongiovanni

I have a gardening question for you... If your plant continues to wilt or bare yellow leaves despite what you think is regular care, what do you do?  


There's no use in slapping a bandaid on an ailment or taking a pill for an ill if you are not actually dealing with the ROOT cause. And very often when you're dealing with a long-standing health issue or feelings of dis-ease that you can't seem to get over, it's important to go WAY back to when it all began, and exploring the depths of ourselves & environment.

Imagine for a moment that we are seeds.

Within each tiny seed lies pure potentiality. They hold life. They hold freedom. They hold purpose and they hold medicine. Certain conditions need to be met before the seed can germinate and grow to its fullest potential.

As we near Spring Equinox and prepare for a season of renewal and growth, we must take time to tend to our own garden...

Our Sacred Ecology is our garden - the environment in which we - our seeds - grow & develop on all levels. This includes the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

We have our inner ecology and our outer ecology (that which is within us and outside of us).

Inner ecology includes things like...

  • Our beliefs & patterns
  • Thoughts, feelings, emotions
  • Our nuclear and mitochondrial DNA
  • Physiological function including cellular structure, neurotransmitters, hormones, integrity of organ systems, toxic load, etc
  • Our internal microbiome - including beneficial bacteria, microbes, protozoa as well as pathogenic or opportunistic bacteria, viruses and more

Outer ecology is akin to the soil and external conditions that the seed grows in - your ecosystem. This includes...

  • Our family constellation and relationships

  • People in your space

  • Events & experiences throughout your life

  • Exposure to various elements & environments (nature, home, work, etc)

  • Your mother’s womb environment when you were in utero


The basic elements that we need to grow and develop include:

LOVE, sun, good quality water, air, soil, microbes, nutrients, nourishment, space, energy, and TIME - not that different from any of our plant relatives, huh?

Consider for a moment that everything I just mentioned played a role in creating the conditions for growing the YOU that stands as yourself today (whether we like it or not). While it may not feel like it, this is a highly empowering thing to grasp. Why? Because now YOU get to check and cultivate an ecology that you desire so you can thrive TODAY. 

Your biography is your biology... but you have the choice to rewrite your story.

Today, I invite you to join me on a journey and do an “ecology check” - an expedition into your Sacred Ecology and the story you are living by.

I have created a special visualization & activation audio journey to explore your Sacred Ecology, help you uncover what’s been keeping you stuck in your health & life, and discover what “foods” to bring in right now for radical nourishment & clarity.

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