Day 3: Intuition & Your Inner Wise Woman




Find a time in your calendar to set aside 30 min - 1 hour for this exercise.  

Carving out time early morning right after waking up or just before bedtime is ideal because you are most reflective and closer to the alpha and beta brain wave cycles that are connected to our subconscious and superconscious (deeply relaxed, meditation, tranquil, shamanic journeying).  

Have a journal and a pen, and answer the questions below. Don’t over think or analyze - remember this is about answering intuitively, put down the first thing that comes to mind!  

Where does your Wise Woman live in you?  

Where does she come from?  

Have you met her before? If so when?  

“If/When I am able listen to my wise woman within, this is what she tells me....”  

“I feel I am most disconnected from my wise woman within when...”  

  * * *

Now, take a few moments and tune into times in your life when your gut instinct + intuition served you.  

Once you have remembered those moments, write them down in your journal.  

When tuning back into those moments, how did you know to follow your intuition or that inner voice or feeling? 

What did you feel and where did you feel it?  

* * *

When we begin to reconnect with these moments and feelings, we are letting our inner Wise Woman know that we acknowledge her, & can express gratitude for her guidance.