#UNFILTERED Moon Musings :: Full Moon in Virgo :: Practical Magic

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What are #UNFILTERED Moon Musings?

These #UNFILTERED episodes are a hybrid of moon musings + convo + QA answering your top questions about holistic health, nutrition, herbs, moon cycles, and earth-based medicine. Connecting to the moon cycles can be a powerful way to tap into your inner wild and wise self…

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This Episode's Theme...

#UNFILTERED Moon Musings :: Full Moon in Virgo :: Practical Magic

Venessa and Megan cover the themes of this Full (Super) Moon in earthy, detail-oriented Virgo: Practical Magic… getting intimate with the mundane and inner self, encouraging us to clear a little space for more magic to naturally occur.

We offer ways of integrating what you already know in your brain and bring it into your body, connections within the Gut-Brain-Adrenal-Gonadal axis and how the power of belief, thought, and meditation can shift your physiology and manifestions. The not-so-secret ingredient: Compassion.

We also cover foods + herbs that nourish your internal cave and protect from non-self toxins, Megan’s cheese addiction, and Marie Kondo-ing 2.0.

Venessa @wildlyrooted
Megan @amethyst_and_rose

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Show Notes

  • Megan’s hermit hole, what does it mean to create a deeply committed relationship to what is practical, earthly and necessary in this time. What is your practical magic?

  • Tuning in to your unique body and situation, and what are the things that are going to get me through whatever challenge I’m experiencing and what will help me feel more fully present in my body right now?

  • Too much exposure to “healthy” trends?

  • How do you integrate what you know in your brain and bring it into your body

  • The Gut-Brain-Adrenal-Gonadal axis and how we perceive

  • Getting intimate with your own medicine and Internal resources that you already have

  • We are connected

  • Megan shares her own limiting beliefs and stories around motherhood and being a “bad mom”

  • The power of belief, thought, and meditation can shift your physiology and manifest (How your biography is your biology)

  • The process of tuning within your body is critical to live in this quantum world

  • How compassion is the special ingredient in all of this and can become the bridge to healing

  • How to choose practices and intentions that are actually in alignment with your life vs forcing self-care practices causing even more stress

  • How to not set yourself up for failure

  • The power and critical importance of SILENCE, and what to do if silence is difficult or feels unsafe or unproductive

  • The sweet spot within silence and meditation

  • Foods that nourish your internal cave and protect from non-self toxins: slippery elm, aloe juice, marshmallow root, okra, nopal

  • How to drop into the perception of your belly

  • How Megan and Venessa are integrating this practical magical full moon in virgo - it includes nixing cheese and Marie Kondo-ing 2.0.

  • Where can you create some space for practical magic to naturally occur?

  • Are you down for a Feed Your Wild Bookclub?!

Resources + Links Mentioned

Heal documentary - available on Netflix

Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton

The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel van der Kolk M.D.

Becoming Supernatural by Joe Dispenza

The Last Best Cure by Donna Jackson Nakazawa

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