#UNFILTERED Moon Musings :: New Moon in Pisces :: Getting in Flow Head to Toe

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What are #UNFILTERED Moon Musings?

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This Episode's Theme...

#UNFILTERED Moon Musings :: New Moon in Pisces :: GetTing In Flow Head to Toe

Venessa and Megan cover the themes of this New Moon in watery, emotional + intuitive Pisces: the importance of FLOW, the lymphatic system, stagnation leading to health issues, and tending to your (often forgotten) feet!⁣⠀

We cover how to support these vital areas and clear the channels to allow the watery waves of information to flow through. We also cover the tools we are working with to support us on the emotional & energetic levels!⁣⠀

Venessa @wildlyrooted
Megan @amethyst_and_rose

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Show Notes

  • Lymphatic system -- clear channels-- importance of keeping the body in constant flow-- not allowing for clogs in health, wellness, spirit

    • “Glymphatic system” - lymphatic movement in brain, at night brain cells shrink to 40% of size creates space in brain between cells needed for glymphatic system to flow

    • Importance of chewing on brain flow - creating tension etc that creates flow; importance of proper bite, use aqualizer sprint

    • GALT - gut associated lymphatic tissue

  • Emotional release/detox through the FEET

  • Unresolved or undigested emotions stored in our cell tissues as pain, adipose tissue, dullness or disconnection

  • Dumping mode - what it is and how to deal with it

  • Practice/Tools/Foods/Tips:

    • Opening up the channels - start there first

      • Energetically opening up channels

      • Sipping on hot plain water every 15 min throughout day

      • Homeopathic drainage

    • Lymph drainage practices: From Head to Tail

      • SLEEP (brain washing Glymph system), lymph massage (therapist or self massage) - from top down, face, neck, Daytime cranial sacral work, underarms/breast, abdominal (mayan massage great for GALT)

      • Skin dry brushing, Abhyanga massage, Castor oil packs, Coffee enemas

    • Breathwork!

    • Vibrational practices:

      • General exercise movement, Rebounding, Vibrational plates

    • Stimulatory practices

      • Hot/cold therapies - Infrared sauna, cold plunges, hot/cold contrast showering

      • hot/spicy driving herbs/foods: ginger, cayenne etc

      • Stinging nettle treatment on skin

    • Release work with feet

      • Reflexology!

      • Earthing

      • Ionic foot bath + magnesium flakes foot bath

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