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Welcome! I'm so thrilled to offer the chance to apply for a complimentary 30 Min {Mini} Soul Nutrition Assessment Session! 

If you've been experiencing health challenges that you are ready to get to the root of... AND you have a sense it's time for exploration into the deeper layers of your health and self... 

...then I invite you to apply for a spot for a 30 Min {Mini} Soul Nutrition Assessment Session (limited time only)!

I only have a three spots open, so this opportunity is first come, first serve for applicants who are a good fit and ready to dive deep!



This complimentary Soul Nutrition Assessment (30 min) is a chance to dive deep into what I call your Sacred Ecology, explore various areas of your health to uncover what kind of nourishment would serve your body, mind, soul right now and dig into what might be behind your health challenge from both a functional nutrition and intuitive + spiritual lens. It will also be a chance to explore if you would like to go deeper with this work together and next steps in your journey. This session will be over the phone or Zoom.

Limited spots available. First come, first serve. Application does not guarantee access to the complimentary session.

I honestly am at a loss of words of how amazing my session was and how grateful I am that I found your podcast and decided to do this. Everything you said really helped me gain clarity in the direction I need to go in order to get to the place of vitality, lightness, and enough-ness. I know I’ve been doing this work for sometime and this will just help me get one step closer to healing through understanding what it is that keeps getting in my way from staying committed to myself and my health. I definitely will have trust in my guides even more so since they definitely helped me find you and your lovely messages. I can’t thank you enough for you being you and you committing to yourself and your own healing and health and deciding to share it with the world. Sending you lots of love and gratitude!

~ Nicole Burkett

“Venessa recently helped me tame a health issue I've struggled with for nearly 10 years. Not one doctor was able to help me in the way she did on a one-hour phone call! My Akashic reading experience with Venessa was amazing. She made me feel very comfortable. I immediately knew that I was in good hands and that she had only good intentions for me. The reading brought so much up for me, and even now, several months later, I'm still receiving from that experience. She even sent me additional readings that correlated with what was brought up and she provided me with some ideas for releasing and healing. Venessa is full of knowledge. It was a beautiful experience for me.”

~ Elaine Hoxie


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