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It's time to re-member your inner truth & feed all parts of you.

Ready to explore and nourish your body, mind, & soul? Schedule your session today and let's dive in! Make sure you select a day with enough time for you to fill out the intake forms and send back to me 48hrs in advance of your session.

Once you have scheduled and paid for your session, I will send you a follow-up email with the intake forms + guidance about the Akashic Records for a deep + nourishing experience that best serves your soul. Can't wait to support you in your journey <3

*Please read the FAQ + Cancellation policy at the bottom of this page before booking your session.*

soul nutrition

Soul Nutrition Session

75 min | $350

Using clinical functional nutrition tools, Akashic Soul Record reading, and intuitive & transformational coaching, we’ll uncover the triggers + mediators of your health issue & dive into what’s holding you back right now from having the health and life you desire.

Each session is fully customized to the person, includes a comprehensive intake + Akashic Record inquiry process where we dive deep into diet/lifestyle, health history + lab review, challenges, and aspirations + soul goal setting. You'll walk away with increased clarity & receive a personalized nourishment plan including dietary, herbal & supplement recommendations, as well as customized meditations & healing rituals.

“Not one doctor was able to help me in the way she did on a one-hour phone call!…

Venessa recently helped me tame a health issue I've struggled with for nearly 10 years. Not one doctor was able to help me in the way she did on a one-hour phone call! My Akashic reading experience with Venessa was amazing. She made me feel very comfortable. I immediately knew that I was in good hands and that she had only good intentions for me. The reading brought so much up for me, and even now, several months later, I'm still receiving from that experience. She even sent me additional readings that correlated with what was brought up and she provided me with some ideas for releasing and healing. Venessa is full of knowledge. It was a beautiful experience for me.” ~ Elaine Hoxie, Las Vegas

“Something was missing, how on earth would I be able to know it when I saw it? That's where Venessa came in…

I was struggling to see something that I was missing. I knew there was a fundamental piece that I wasn't acknowledging in my transformation and healing work and I had this deep knowing that asking someone for help was an important step in accessing this. This sounds vague because, well it was even for me. Something was missing, how on earth would I be able to know it when I saw it? That's where Venessa came in. My favorite aspect of her work was the direct communication in real time and Venessa's added intuitive readings, this makes it so meaningful.

Would I recommend Venessa’s service? Yes, absolutely. I trust Venessa, with my heart. She is accessible and relatable and authentic and a beautiful human. Venessa, there doesn't seem to be a word for how much gratitude I feel for you and your offerings. Thank you, wholeheartedly.” ~ Ryan, Canada


Akashic Soul Record reading

45 min | $155

The Akashic records is a vast, energetic database that holds the vibrational imprints of your soul, soul’s history and purpose in this life. Ask and explore questions relating to healing themes and anything pertaining to the evolution of the present incarnation of your soul’s journey. We will dial in and connect with your Masters, Teachers, Guides and Loved Ones and gain a deeper understanding & perspective to courageously make quantum leaps in your life. 
*Does not include personalized nourishment plan or intake review.

Want to learn more about Akashic Records & how they can help? Click here.

“Venessa is multidimensional and unique in her approach, bringing together her spiritual wisdom as well as detailed scientific knowledge about gut health, neurotransmitters, food and mood, systems in the body and how it all comes together. I feel completely supported by her in terms of my health and nourishment. Her akashic reading was profound and touched my soul in just the right way for my healing path and spiritual nutrition. Her intuitive nature helped me feel more confident in my own intuition whether that be about eating or my spiritual knowing. Venessa is a gem! ~ Candice Wu, Thailand


Now Open! 90 Day Akashic Transformational Program

The Wildly Rooted 90-Day Akashic Transformational Program is a 1:1 private holistic health journey for creative wild-hearted change-maker with chronic health challenges and stuckness designed to dig deep and set the stage for you as the Creatrix of your health & life. This program guides you in navigating chronic dis-ease and crafting a roadmap to your desired state and goals through radical nourishment, acceptance, & self-love.

This transformational program combines the science of functional nutrition, Akashic Records, psychoneuroimmunology, quantum energy principles, ceremonial healing techniques & spiritual guidance. It incorporates habit change, food as medicine, ritual, intuitive coaching and weaves in creativity & an abundance of resources for a truly holistic approach to your health!

There are a limited number of spots available, and they always go quick!


I probably lost 50 lbs last year... I lost the same 5 lbs at least 10 times. I'd exercise for a week and stop for two. No consistency. Didn't know how to cook for just one person and be healthy so I ate out a ton. Working with Venessa, I have seen weight loss, improved mood, attitude, better handle on stress, cravings. I have more tools to use in real life and also better sense of appreciation of myself and who I am and what I've done and what I want to do. She offers a customized program and real life tools to help you live healthier while still being social in our toxic, stressful world. The program was great and you are great. Just great.

I can’t believe how different things are in my life now from when we began..., not just health but LIFE. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the coaching and caring I was provided. Thank you for your eternal awesomeness!

~ Sarah Ghorbanian, 90 Day Program

More Testimonials

Venessa provides more than a diet plan. Venessa focuses on cooking, self motivation, recognizing & dealing with stress, and VITAMIN levels. It's a complete wellness plan, weight was only a small part of the whole for me. Did I mention SUPPLEMENT recommendations!  For the first time in my life I have been cooking, my stomach doesn't hurt constantly and I have lost weight. I am still working on it, but this has been easier to continue than most "diet" plans. I highly recommend working with Venessa, mostly because she is real, honest, and she cares.

~ Eryn W., Chicago

It's been a crazy health ride these past 6+ years and I'm optimistic that I'll be healthier than ever if I continue down this path. Thanks so much for all your support, expertise and guidance. I don't know what I would have done without you and Dr. S earlier this year. I can't thank you enough for helping me regain and improve my overall health!  I'm very optimistic that I'll be healthier than ever and set up for many, many more healthy years to come.

P.S. The functional medicine nutritionists at Cleveland Clinic are nice but not near your level of expertise!

~ VD, Chicago

I just had my Akashic reading this morning... I am so excited! It gave me so much more clarity and inspiration! Venessa - you are amazing!
— S.F. - Oregon

“I had suffered from chronic sores and hidradenitis for 15+ years, didn't have consistent energy, I had extreme physical pain much of the time due to food reactions. I didn't know what was safe to eat or how to consume sufficient nutrients because of all my food reactions. I was afraid that nothing could help me because I had already tried so many things and worked with many health professionals.

After working with you, my energy has increased and been much more consistent. I don't have so many negative reactions to food and when I do they're much less severe! I feel much more freedom to be active because I'm not in pain every day.

You're wonderful, hopeful, patient, knowledgeable, understanding, realistic, and a great listener. I've already been recommending your service because I believe you can help improve many more lives just like you helped me.

I feel much healthier & I've learned a lot about my body and what it needs.” ~ Rebecca Danae C., Chicago

“As a Functional Medicine Practitioner and Physician, finding a Functional Nutritionist & Coach to compliment my practice and someone I trusted with my patients was an incredibly difficult task. My patients deal with chronic illnesses and complicated cases.

I began working with Venessa a little over three years ago. Words cannot describe how highly I recommend her nutritional counseling and coaching services. The internet is filled with nutritionists and health coaches and finding one that truly understands so many of the intricacies related to diet, lifestyle changes and then delivering can be challenging.

Patients who need to make dietary and lifestyle changes often feel lost when it comes to this component of health. Venessa is the missing piece of the health puzzle.

~ Dr. Richard Hagmeyer, Naperville Institute for Neuro Metabolic Solutions

FAQ + Cancellation policy


+ What is Functional Nutrition?

Functional nutrition is a root cause resolution practice - taking principles from ancient medical traditions like traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda which look at the body as a whole rather than individual body systems, and combines it with modern holistic tools and research including functional lab work and science such as epigenetics & psychoneuroimmunology.

+ What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records is a vast, energetic database that holds the vibrational imprints of your soul, soul’s history and purpose in this life. Ask and explore questions relating to healing themes and anything pertaining to the evolution of the present incarnation of your soul’s journey. 

+ What's the difference between a Soul Nutrition Session & a stand-alone Akashic Soul Reading?

Soul Nutrition Sessions include both nutritional and lab assessment + holistic health coaching, as well as an Akashic Soul Reading. You'll also receive a customized plan based on our findings.  Akashic Soul Record Readings are a type of intuitive reading that provides information pertaining to your questions regarding your soul's journey - these may or may not include nutrition-related information. They do NOT include a personalized plan post-session or any pre-session intake review.

+ Who are these sessions for?

The reasons to have a Soul Nutrition session or Akashic Record reading are as unique as each one of us (and wildflowers on the land :) However, many folks find benefit from these sessions if they are having experiences + desires like these: ~ You desire to lead a healthy sustainable lifestyle that supports your highest vision for yourself, boosting confidence and happiness, loving your body, and having more energy and vibrancy to do the things you’ve been wanting to do and live your life to the fullest.   ~ You have chronic health challenges that are holding you back, such as chronic pain, fatigue, skin issues, digestive issues, endometriosis, autoimmunity & are looking for deeper holistic support.   ~ You've tried various therapies, treatments, dieting, pills, and more on your own and are READY to take back ownership and power of your health + life.   ~ You are being called to go DEEP with your soul journey and nourish ALL parts of you - body, mind, & soul.   ~ You have confusion about your decisions and what’s really important, and a lack of clarity behind the events / issues in your life. Perhaps you are repeating patterns over and over again that are painful. ~ You have a sense of being off-track and powerless, with an inability to fully step into your role as the Co-Creator of your life.  ~ You want to feel EMPOWERED, deeply connected to your creative feminine power, intuition + nature, fully embodied in your knowing and capacity for healing...

+ Is there any session prep I should do?

For Soul Nutrition Sessions you will fill out an intake packet and provide any relevant labwork, if applicable. For both Soul Nutrition Sessions and Akashic Soul Record Readings, you will also be expected to come prepared to our session with a question and soul inquiry in mind. **Intention is everything - this work best supports those who are 100% open and committed to themselves and maintain the belief that they can heal.

+ Where do we have sessions?

All sessions are conducted via phone or video call using Zoom from the comfort of your own home (sessions may be recorded if desired). Readings are just as effective virtually as the Akashic Records can be tapped into from any location. Please be in a quiet space with no distractions for the session. If you are located in Southern Oregon and would like an in-person session, please email Venessa at hello@wildlyrooted.com.

+ What is the refund or cancellation policy?

I understand that unexpected events happen occasionally in life. To be effective and fair to all clients, the following policies are honored: Cancellations - 24 hour advance notice by email or phone is required when cancelling an appointment, we can reschedule your appointment for a future date if needed. If you are unable to give me 24 hours advance notice you will be charged the full session fee. Refunds - There will be no refunds issued on services provided. All sales are final.   All pre-paid sessions or packages are non-refundable. If a package has remaining sessions they may be transferred or gifted to someone else to be used at a later date, but not longer than 6 months. If the client decides not to schedule the remaining sessions monies will be forfeited.

+ Still have questions?

If you have more questions or concerns, please email Venessa at hello@wildlyrooted.com and we will be in touch within 48 hrs.


Disclaimer: The testimonials presented here or on any of Wildly Rooted’s websites are applicable to the individuals depicted only and may not be representative of the experience of others. The success of these individuals reflects their commitment to the programs and themselves in their own health journey.  The testimonials are not paid and are not indicative of future performance or success of any other individuals. Due to the highly variable nature of health challenges and bioindividuality, Wildly Rooted cannot and does not guarantee any results of individuals utilizing the material provided by Wildly Rooted on any of our websites or programs.