Sacred Ecology: Visualization & Journey

The following is an audio introduction to what I call your Sacred Ecology, plus an activation visualization & journey to help you uncover what’s been keeping you stuck in your health & life, and what “foods” to bring in for radical nourishment & clarity.

Grab a cup of tea, light a candle, & get ready for some Aha's. 


1 :: Intro to your sacred ecology

I believe in getting to the root of the matter. That means going back to when it all began, and exploring the depths of ourselves & environment. I call this our Sacred Ecology, and it is our garden - the environment in which we grow. This includes the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Click below to listen to the introduction before you do the journey audio.

2 :: activation journey

To get unstuck and gain clarity, we gotta go deep. 

So find a comfortable spot, remove distractions and close the door... we're going on a journey, my friend. 

3 :: Journaling

Journal freely about whatever came up for you during this process and journey. Stay in the place of compassionate curiosity, and allow things to flow. It may be visions, dreams, sensations, emotions, colors, words, or nothing at all... it's all perfect. Know that you are already on this journey of deep exploration, and it may take some time.

WANT TO GO DEEPER? If you are called to dive deeper into these realms of your Sacred Ecology, uncover what's been holding you back, & gain clarity around your health challenges with a guide, let's work together.