Our mission at Wildly Rooted is to get to the ROOT

& Re-Member the SOUL back into Healthcare & Life.

Our task is to re-member and reclaim our wild nature and learn to live in balance with the land and ourselves once again in a sacred and creative way - and to help YOU do the same.

This possibility and power already lies within us - perhaps dormant, but we have the ability to “reconnect” and remember how to do this. We’ll call her our wild and wise woman... and she’s a part of our primal instinct and how we can tune into what is nourishment for us.

Where do we start?

Wherever you're at.

Our intention with Wildly Rooted is to build a community where we share wisdom from our ancestors & wisdom keepers, the latest scientific research, real life experience, intuitive guidance, and nature herself that is not only health promoting and regenerative, but rooted in the practical so we can implement it in our daily lives and "grow corn," as they say.

Together, we'll honor our natural cycles & rhythms, build back our reverence for ourselves and the natural world, reconnect with our intuition and Spirit, & re-member who we are and where we come from!

Together, let's rise above dis-ease... one moment & breath at a time.

Will you join us?


“We are the rocks dancing.”

I love these words of John Seed, deep ecologist and rainforest defender. And he was right, literally. Did you know that we are made of the same stuff that makes the Earth and stars? This is not just poetics... we share a similar cellular structure - scientists recently confirmed a structural similarity found in both human cells and neutron stars.

We are beings of light. We are composed of billion year old carbon atoms - as is everything else on earth. We are also 10x more microbial DNA - from microorganisms that live inside and outside of us - than we are actual human DNA.

Just as the solar and lunar cycles are connected with the tides of the ocean, so is our own monthly cycle and circadian rhythms. Not only is blood mostly water, but the watery portion of blood, the plasma, has a concentration of salt and other ions that is remarkably similar to sea water.

In essence - we are nature. Nature is us.

And our “Nature” includes our Soul and the spiritual ecology that surrounds us…

Native and indigenous cultures know and deeply understand this and it is apart of their belief systems and way of life - as it was once a part of every culture. The Lakota, for example, have an expression “Mitakuye oyasin”  which means “all my relations,” and it refers to our interrelationship with our extended family of all living things, animate and inanimate, including the stars - all that is natural.

If you are seeking to ways to

  • ... take charge of your life + health,

  • ... uncover your soul’s purpose,

  • ... lead a healthier sustainable lifestyle,

  • ... manage & heal chronic health issues,

  • ... or integrate transformative practices for health and spiritual well being into daily life...

then it is imperative that you remember who you really are...

What does this have to do with our health, you ask?

.... Everything.

Forgotten Truths

There are higher rates of depression and anxiety than ever before in all of recorded history. Chronic illness and disease is on the rise: cancer, autoimmunity, neurodegenerative diseases, reproductive challenges, obesity, diabetes, & more. The age at which girls are beginning to think of themselves in a negative way is getting younger and younger.

Why is all of this happening?

Because we are profoundly disconnected. Our systems are disconnected - health care, economics, environmental, food… this disconnection has led to domination, persecution, abuse, hubris, and SEPARATION of the SOUL... leading to abuse of the Mother Earth and disconnection from our true nature & source.

As above, so below.

So it’s no wonder that, as the human race, we’re not only carrying a lot of this disconnection, abuse, and lack of reverence within... we're also experiencing a collective state of dis-ease on ALL levels.

We forgot we are nature - beings of light, love, & earth united... And it's literally killing us.

Separation from the natural world is the core issue that must be addressed. We are a part of a vast ecosystem, supraorganism, with the earth in which the health of one is inextricably linked to the health of the other.
— Frank Forencich from Exuberant Animal

There is good news.

Nature, in all its vast intelligence, is designed to be self-regulating & self-healing. Our natural state is one of healing & evolution. We already have access to our OWN medicine and I bet if you’re reading this, you are being called to tap into yours in a bigger way…

We simply have to get out of our own way. 

Enough with the bandaids. The dieting & calorie counting... pills... forced positive thinking... masking symptoms of our deep wounds with distraction.

My mission with Wildly Rooted is to get to the root of our collective dis-ease & re-member the soul back into medicine through radical nourishment of body, mind, & spirit.

Connecting science + nature + spirituality is a critical piece of this puzzle and as a practitioner, I do this through functional nutrition and intuitive guidance with Akashic Records.

If you’re feeling inspired but don’t know where to start, try out my latest program Wildly UNSTUCK - past participants have said it’s brought them clarity, insight & hope (and it’s free!)…

My Story

Hi, I'm Venessa Rodriguez :)

I'm a functional nutritionist, Akashic Soul Record reader, intuitive nourishment guide, host of the Feed Your Wild podcast, teacher & wild woman committed to helping you build physical health & vitality, and connect with your soul’s purpose, so you can unleash your creativity, tap into your innate powers and support what you really want to get in life.

If you’re anything like me, at some point you have found yourself struggling to feel connected, alive, and whole. You got stuck, lost or confused along the way trying to figure it all out and overwhelm kicks in...

Perhaps you have chronic health challenges that are holding you back, such as chronic pain, fatigue, skin issues, digestive issues, endometriosis, autoimmunity...

Maybe it’s not looking or feeling like yourself in your own skin…

You might feel lost, confused, and unsure about your soul’s purpose and path…

You’ve lost touch with a balanced lifestyle and your inner guidance (or maybe never had it at all), and it’s taken a toll on you.

You desire to lead a healthy sustainable lifestyle that supports your highest vision for yourself, but there’s something missing that is preventing you from having it...

You’re not alone. I know because I’ve been there.

Oh, have I been there.

Today, I love my life, health and the body I’m in. But it wasn’t always like this.

If you're an audio person, check out the very first episode of Feed Your Wild podcast below where I go way deep!

For years (and I mean YEARS) I struggled with chronic acid reflux, digestive issues like constipation, acne, sugar addiction, asthma, and the dreaded “blahness” that so many of us feel every day. I thought it was normal to feel this way! I was convinced I was doomed to live a life of dis-ease... My mom lived this way. It was my fate.

And then, the floor dropped from right under me. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer.

It was like looking into my future if things kept up the way they were. I learned more in those 6 years she battled cancer than I ever could have imagined... 

Then in January 2010, my beautiful mom Norma passed away.

Losing my mom was the single most difficult, heart-breaking, and yet transformative experience in my life.

That day in the quiet car ride back from the hospital, I made a promise to myself, and to her, that I would not only find a way to become the healthiest version of me I could be... but that I would help as many other women as I could break the lineage of dis-ease so that they didn’t have to suffer the same fate.

My healing journey took years of school, books and training in functional nutrition and integrative health. When nutrition and labs weren’t enough, I went back to my roots - embracing the wisdom of the natural world and ancient healing modalities, bringing back the intuitive medicine of Mother Earth & my ancestors, and healing my heart, mind and soul. I was finally able to nourish my cells, reprogram my mind, & connect to my higher self & Spirit so I could create the body and life I deserve.

Now I want to share that knowledge with you...

The key is to cultivate a healthy inner AND outer “ecology” so you can reprogram your biology and brain, nourish your spirit, and reconnect BODY MIND SOUL in this crazy modern world.

I call this process "Feeding Your Wild". Your biography is your biology... but you have the choice to rewrite your story.

This is not about quick fixes or the latest diet. This is about getting serious about your health, life, & soul purpose. No one has all the answers. If you’re ready to make the leap, then I invite you to discover, co-create, evolve, and learn organically with me.

You don’t have to do this alone. Come join me and our group of loving, supportive and kickass humans who are already on their way.

My intention is to help YOU do the same, and to do it with CONFIDENCE, CLARITY, CONNECTION, & COMMUNITY. If you are over cookie-cutter approaches to health and ready to get wildly rooted and start loving your body + life, you’re in the right place.

With Wild Grace & Radical Nourishment,

xo Venessa

Formal Education + Background

Venessa holds a BA in International Studies from University of Chicago, a Masters in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine from University of Bridgeport, multiple nutrition coaching trainings + mentorship with Functional Nutrition Educators Andrea Nakayama, Dr. Datis Kharrazian, DC., & Dr. Deanna Minich. She is nearing 1,000 clinical hours for licensure as a Certified Nutrition Specialist.

Venessa has also been trained as an Akashic Records reader, psychic intuitive, and studied cross-cultural healing techniques, weaving earth honoring teachings with ancestral health, currently immersing in the medicine tradition of her Borikén {Puerto Rican} lineage. 

Venessa has been a performance artist as a dancer & actor for over 20 years and loves to weave creativity and storytelling into her work & podcast!

A Chicago girl at heart, Venessa now lives amidst forests, mountains, & regenerative farming communities in Southern Oregon.