Akashic Soul Nourishment Reading :: November 2017

Art by Hrana Janto.

Art by Hrana Janto.

About Monthly Soul Nourishment Readings: Just as I weave in spiritual nourishment from the Akashic Records for my clients along with their nutritional protocols on an individual basis, I’ve been inspired to start sharing these readings in a monthly column to support the collective with general monthly themed-readings… and so Monthly Akashic Soul Nourishment Readings were born. These readings are usually filled with metaphor & symbols, so may require a bit of unraveling & might mean something different for each person, so pay attention to what comes up for you as you read on. Hope they provide value and moments of reflection in your journey. xo, V

The cosmic egg we see again... this time its molten lava shell is hardening, rolling, and cracking amidst the surrounding flow of fire. Lava flow.

Pele emerges.

Goddess of volcanic fury, eruptive beauty, fiery temperament. She is seductive. Mesmerizing... calls us in with beauty and magnetism, like a moth to flame.

Do not play with fire,” Pele says. “Create relationship with it. Remember your ancestral connection to the rivers of fire that flow beneath your surface. There is a right way to withstand the heat, and work with it so as not to burn you. Work with it.

It is time to remember this sacred relationship with fire to burn-off the dead skin as we shed the mold of our outer shell.

Harness the energy of the river of fire. Slow, steady, unapologetic, deliberate, unstoppable.

Meditate, become the river of fire. Look deeper into your river of fire - from whence and where does it flow?

Do not “burn out”... be the burn. Be the river of fire.

The eternal flame... transmutable, dynamic, flow, self-regulating, self-igniting, destructive + creative, burning a deep wound... cauterizing, branding a new pathway, landscape, and vision.

Inner vision - the eye upon the top of mountains, volcanoes, the eyes of the great Apus, Eagle’s eye... they see all. They decide where fire is being called forth to destroy and heal, eruptions to expel the poison, cleanse and seal the wound.

Be the river of fire. See through the eyes of Pele and Eagle. Now is the time to see and wake up to your potential and power... steady flow, intentional creation. 


Pele is the volcano Goddess of the Polynesian peoples of Hawaii. A goddess of fire, dance, and volcanoes, she is fierce and fiery, and calling forth your awakening.

Can you feel it?

The collective consciousness has been shifting, Mother Earth is stirring, truths are revealing, wounds are being opened so the cleansing and healing can go deep.

To embody Pele and the river of fire is to wake up, pay attention, and create the change you want to see in the world through steady, deliberate, powerful action.

The eyes of Pele, mountains, and Eagle are asking you to take a bird's eye view of the landscape - don’t become locked into your own vista... remember to rise above for perspective regularly. Shift your vantage point. Never stagnate, always flow. 

Do you see things clearly and as they truly are?

Are you nurturing your awakening, moving steadily forward in your life with unshakeable intention, integrity, and conviction?

Invite the power of lava flow into your meditation, channel your eternal fire into your deepest wounds and reshape your inner landscape to create the life you have been dreaming of.