This is why you feel stuck... and what to do about it

Perhaps you find yourself going in circles with this “healthy living” thing... you might already know what you should be doing, you have a general sense of what foods you should be eating, and yet... you can’t stick to it.

Or maybe you’re generally confused and overwhelmed with information, health challenges, tried all types of diets and still no results.

The biggest problem I see in my practice is not what you may think.

I work with folks struggling with health challenges like diabetes, heart disease, overweight/obesity, immune issues, cancer, mood dysregulation and emotional eating. And you know what so many of them have in common?

They’re feeling stuck.

This stuckness can come from simply not knowing the how and what behind getting healthy. For some, I can give all the pieces they need to know (identifying root issues, nutrition plan, what to eat/what not to eat, supplement recommendations, healing practices, etc) and they run with it and start feeling better! All they needed was the right information and tools to get on the path to better health.

For others, it’s not so simple. Very often, their stuckness stems from a different place.

They may have all of the pieces, but something is holding them back from taking the steps toward the healthier lifestyle they seek.


Here are the 3 most common reasons behind that kind of stuck-ness that I see most often:

1. You have internal and external blocks in your environment that are sabotaging you, and you may not be aware of them.

2. You are trying to download new and updated programs into an old operating system - not gonna work.

3. You’re simply not ready.


Let’s break these down...


You have internal and external blocks in your environment that are sabotaging you, and you may not be aware of them.

Let me ask you 2 questions...

  1. What are all of the reasons for you to make healthier choices and changes?

Really think about this and take some time to write down as many reasons that come up.

Ok, great. Next question...

  1. What are all of the reasons for NOT making healthier choices and changes?

Be honest with yourself. Maybe you feel you might lose friends or not get invited out. Perhaps you feel people might judge you. You might even fear never eating those foods that you love so much and bring comfort and safety. You believe it takes too much time and energy to make these changes. Whatever it is, write it down and don’t judge - this is just to do some digging.

You might find that there are some pretty darn good reasons for NOT making those healthy changes... they are serving you in some way - yet they are blocking you from moving forward. The same goes for external blocks found in our environment - i.e. your circle of friends or your partner don’t have the best health habits, your house is full of junk food, your schedule is so jam packed you hardly have time to breath. The first step is identifying these these internal and external blocks and begin to ask yourself how they are serving you - then question if that is even true!

What are some things you can do today to begin to address those blocks? Let me know what you find :)


You are trying to download new and updated programs into an old operating system.

Imagine you’re like a computer. A shiny new program comes along that you know would make your life easier (like a spiffy new Photoshop or Microsoft suite). The problem is that this shiny new program is built to work on an updated operating system. And you have an outdated operating system with old programming that continues to crash or get bugs. There is no way this new program can be downloaded and work on your computer until you update the operating system and its programming.

Where did this old programming/operating system come from? Our family life, patterns we learned from our parents or friends, beliefs we acquired from outside influences, cultures and even inherited from our ancestors! IT GOES DEEP. And it doesn’t matter how many programs, diets, trainings, and gurus we follow - if we don’t address our core underlying beliefs, patterns and programming, nothing will stick for long-term.


Biology of belief

Did you know...

  • If a mother is unsatisfied with her body image and diets, her daughter is 2x as likely to suffer from an eating disorder.
  • If a mom is obese, her daughter is 10x more likely to be chronically overweight - irrespective of genetics
  • Adopted children will get the same family cancer at same percentage as the blood siblings, yet they have completely different genetic profile.

So what is passed down? Programming. How you eat, live, think, believe, go about life.


The NOcebo effect

Beliefs are powerful. So powerful, in fact, that all controlled scientific studies compare interventions with the placebo effect - “a beneficial effect, produced by a placebo drug or treatment, that cannot be attributed to the properties of the placebo itself, and must therefore be due to the patient's belief in that treatment.”

Well, a negative belief is equally as powerful as a positive belief (placebo) in outcomes. This is called the nocebo effect - and it’s real.

Did you know that on average around 70% of our beliefs are negative, disempowering and self-sabotaging?!

That’s a whole lot of nocebo effect happening, people.

Begin to mind your beliefs. What are things that you regard as absolute truths? If you’re not willing to question or shift beliefs, and upgrade your operating system, then things will probably follow the same trajectory that they always have.


You’re simply not ready.

This one may seem obvious, but so often we think we’re ready... really we do. But we may not be. And that’s ok.

Everyone has their own timing, process and journey. Maybe there’s something you still want to experience or learn, and making changes will hinder that. Making any kind of change can be scary - but it’s important to discern whether it’s the fear that is holding you back or something else.

For those that feel they truly are ready, it often takes some digging into our blocks and programming to make real lasting change in our lives. 

Sometimes having a nutrition plan or supplement list is not enough.

That’s why I created my new workshop series called

Feeding Your Wild: Intuitive Nourishment with Ancient + Modern Tools.

Creating a healthy body & life you love is not some mythical, magical secret.

It’s about connecting back to your "wild," understanding your unique physiology + environment, and building your intuitive compass.

If you’re ready, then join me starting November 13th for a powerful workshop series where you will:

  • Learn to nourish your body, mind & soul using ancient + modern tools
  • Use food as medicine + uncover your intuitive eating blueprint
  • Dial up your gut instincts and cultivate an intuitive relationship with your body
  • Get out of your own way... for real this time.


FIRST WORKSHOP NOVEMBER 13 :: PART I :: Connect to Your Primal Instincts + Intuitive Eating

Meet your inner "wild" - that primal animal part of you that has so many of the answers you seek! Our ancestors didn't count calories or points, obsess over the latest diets, or go against their instincts. And if they did... big trouble.

In this workshop, you'll learn to tap into those primal instincts, trust your body, and eat intuitively for your best health. We'll cover natural cycles + rhythms, holistic nutrition principles and practical tips, like how to avoid pitfalls in the modern world.

Bring your journals, open minds & hearts... get ready for some active learning!



PART I :: B O D Y :: Connect to Your Primal Instincts + Intuitive Eating

Date: Sunday November 13th

Time: 12:45pm - 3:30pm

Location: Re:Chiropractic + Wellness, 5347 North Clark Street, Chicago


Limited seats - save your spot!


Please share this with someone you love and who could use this supportive work!

See you in November :)