Day 2: Your True Nature



You ready to be a rebel and reclaim your birthright to commune with nature in healing ways?  

You are going to practice utiseta.  

Step 1: Select a day and time that you will connect with the elements, universe and spirits - in the evening or at night if possible. This can be camping, it can be an evening at the park, if you’re near the woods, it can be a forest bathing session. Make it work for you.  

Step 2: Find your spot in nature, and make yourself comfortable preferably sitting. Begin to slow your breath, a nice steady pace of inhaling and exhaling. This is a form of meditation and you might get into the “What the hell am I doing here? I feel stupid” stage if you’re not used to it. Just notice those thoughts and let them pass... they will eventually ;)  

Step 3: Start with noticing and experiencing yourself in the environment, and that which is around you. Begin to focus on one thing outside of yourself - the trunk of a tree, the rustling leaves, the color of the stone rock, the curve of the roots at your feet, etc.  

Step 4: Begin to expand your awareness and rather than focus on one thing only, begin to notice the space between yourself and that thing, the space between yourself and your environment. Gaze out into the distance, start to notice 2, 3, 4, more things at once - notice how your senses begin to heighten.  

Step 5: Close your eyes for a few moments and bring your awareness back to you and your core, in this space. This may take some time, like 10-15 minutes, but once you are there - stay there for a bit. After some moments, open your eyes again and imagine you're seeing the world for the very first time. Feel as though you are apart of this world and environment - there is no separation. Begin experiencing all the stuff that's around you, but not as separate from you any more.  

Step 6: Repeat these steps in cycles (focus inward then outward) as many times as you desire, I recommend starting with 2-3 and working your way up to 5 or 6 cycles each utiseta session. Take your time with this! This is not a race - the more intention and patience with time you provide yourself, the more powerful its effects. You can even have a journal with you and write about your experience afterward. I would LOVE to hear about it!  

Enjoy, you foxy creature of nature!