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Learn The Top 5 Things Sabotaging Your Health Goals & What To Do About Them! 

You're a smart, capable, & creative change-maker and you know what you should be doing for your health... so what gives? It's not about willpower...

In my search for inner truth and spirituality, I found your work and it has been an instrumental part in my healing journey. Through your podcast & work I am learning how trauma manifests in my body, mind & spirit and I am realizing I can’t just heal one thing without the other.
— B.H.
Venessa is truly a wise and inspiring beauty! She draws in such goodness and shares it all. I learn so much with every audio. She brings a beautiful blend of science, soul, and creative prowess!
— C.W.

When You Join Wildly UNSTUCK Absolutely Free, Here's EXACTLY What You're Going to Discover...

  • The Top 5 reasons for not changing or following-thru, & what to do about them…

  • What it REALLY takes to become committed & unstoppable when it comes to your health goals

  • Why it’s not about willpower and how to overcome excuses that are holding you back

  • Find the Clarity You've been looking for so you know exactly what to do to get the results you're after!

  • Get clear on what is holding you back, and the unseen forces that are sabotaging your efforts!

  • Create a vision & soul goals for your health & life that are in full alignment with what you desire!

  • How to release old patterns & form new empowering habits that last!

  • And how to step into your HIGHEST SELF so you can build a THRIVING BODY & LIFE that you love!

  • and a lot more!

“It truly inspired me, made me feel supported, nourished and less alone.

Thank you so much Venessa for Wildly Unstuck. It truly inspired me, made me feel supported, nourished and less alone. I have learnt SO much and now have important tools to keep on walking this path (that can be oh so hard) towards a life that is more true to what I am feeling in my heart and in the pit of my stomach. Thank you again for your guidance and generosity. Love from Stockholm, Sweden” ~ Sara Anderson

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