3 Things You MUST Do First To Make Lasting Change

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Turn and face the strange...

Strange fascination, fascinating me

Changes are taking the pace I'm going thru

~ David Bowie

Happy frickin New Year!

Yes, we are in 2017 and there is a TON I want to say about how magical and strange this exact moment in time is... can you feel it?

But first, changes.

Yours and mine (a couple of biggies... scroll down if you want to skip ahead for a sneak peak of those changes).

This is the time of year where we’re usually sprinting toward our goals.

We’re putting our gym shoes on, yoga pants are put to actual use instead of just looking cute and “healthy” chilling at the cafe, and we start that new clean eating program that everyone’s talking about.

Oh yea, and we’re actually meditating every day!

Fast forward to February or March and the gyms start to get less packed.

We start to fall off the clean eating wagon, and old excuses and habits start to creep up.

Maybe old voices you thought you left behind last year start whispering in your ear again.

Making real changes in your life can seem hard.

We as humans don’t like change. We are paralyzed by the unknown.

And there are a lot of unknowns when we’re making big changes in our lives.

Sometimes we run toward the unknown with excitement, motivation, willingness, and anticipation. And sometimes there is... let’s call it resistance.

Why does this happen?

Well... lots of reasons.

Old habits and thought patterns are wired in our brains and physiology.

It’s familiar. It’s comfortable. We know the result and it doesn’t require change or a whole lot of thinking.

That’s why most people are so terrible at self-care, or choosing that “other” option that is probably best for us but is so scary and new... and might result in actual change - gasp!

We’re all guilty of this. It’s natural and a part of our protection mechanism that we evolved with as a species.

The unknown, i.e. the strange new berries that could potentially be toxic or the possible carnivorous creatures that may lurk in the dark path less traversed, was a very real (and life vs death) threat.

Choosing to stay with what we knew meant that we were safe.

So here we are. Living in modern times, different dangers, but way more stress and fear.

And that same old mechanism that used to protect us is holding us back from the life we actually want.

This means we need to do things differently. And 2017 is the perfect year to do this!

Numerologically, 2016 was a “9” year... this means a year of closing, end of an era or phase.

2017 marks an Universal 1 year of this millennium.

1 is all about beginnings and new initiatives of all kinds.

Perfect time to implement and integrate everything you have worked on but maybe haven’t quite made apart of your life (ahem... resolutions from 3 years back)...

... BUT from a new place and version of yourself.

SO HOW DO I DO THAT? You ask...

Venessa - I lack time, money, motivation, willpower, discipline, knowledge, {insert what’s holding you back here}... You say.

If you want to truly make lasting changes and craft a life of your own design (AND IT’S MORE THAN POSSIBLE!), you MUST do these 3 things first...

(Grab a journal and pen - answer these powerful questions):

1. Go beyond the surface excuses (like the ones listed above) and find what is really holding you back.

It’s not that these excuses aren’t valid or fake - they’re very real. But they are not the whole story.

Ask yourself this question: "What is holding me back from the life I want?"

Go deeper than surface excuses. What are all of the good reasons for not getting the life you want? (If you are struggling with creating lasting change and not seeing results, there is ALWAYS a “good” reason behind it).


2. Get crystal clear on who you want to be and what you truly desire.

How well do you know yourself?

Ask yourself this question: “What is the purpose of my life? What do I want/desire?”

These are giant questions that can stir up a lot (as in a lot of ideas or a lot of nothing because you have no idea, which then stirs up a ton of emotions and thoughts).

PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT COMES UP. Take your time with this, and keep asking until you feel that the answer resonates with your heart and soul.

Remember, it always starts with a feeling...


3. Take 100% responsibility for yourself - not more, not less. Own it.

Ask yourself this: "Where in your life are you not taking 100% responsibility for yourself?"

Do you try to help others to the detriment of yourself? Do you avoid facing things that you know are in your control?

You can’t control other people or events that happen, so stop trying - believe me, this will save you so much energy!

You also need to step up and take ownership for your own actions and intentions.

You cannot craft the healthy, happy life you desire without this step. Are you ready?


Mine own big changes...

After 5 years of dreaming, scheming, failing, then dreaming again and never losing faith... I’m finally MOVING!

I’ve dreamt of moving to the western US for so long, and next week it’s becoming a reality. I’m moving to rural Southern Oregon in a town that is immersed in expansive nature, sustainable farming, and holistic health, AND I will finally be with my love and partner as we embark on a new adventure together :)

What does this mean for my Chicago folks?

I’m still here for you! I work with people all over the US via phone or video chat - it’s just as fun and effective, I promise :)

I’m also creating new offerings, programs and opportunities for you to learn, heal, grow and connect with me and other amazing folks just like you... 2017 is gonna be fun!

It’s my heartfelt intention to support you in your journey and healing path. Stay tuned for a new opportunity to begin the process of making lasting changes and crafting your ecstatic life in the next post...

Until then, stay wildly rooted!