How creativity can boost your health, business + life


Hola! Last week I did a Blab with Ling Wong of Business Soulwork on the “Creativity Cure.” Ling’s one of my favorite biz coaches who combines smart business acumen with intuitive soulwork, and specializes in helping creative entrepreneurs. For those of you aren’t familiar with, it’s a new platform where you can host live webtalks, interviews and conversations with up to 4 people with real time commentary. You’ll need a twitter account to sign on and create an account but anyone can watch a live or recorded blab. It’s awesome and I plan on doing more of these... it was so much fun! If you want to keep up with my future blabs and join me for some live convo, head over to and subscribe :) (Also, I'd love to hear about what you want to talk about - shoot me some of your ideas and what you most want to know!)

What's creativity got to do with anything?

In my humble opinion, everything! I believe that creativity is the engine that drives progress... in any area of our life, including  our health. Our talk on the “Creativity Cure” was jam packed with goodies and practical tips. In fact, our conversation covered so much that I HAD to share the recording with you.

Here’s what we covered:

  • Cure for what? How creativity can benefit your health, business, life...
  • What science says about creativity + Why the words "I'm not creative" drive me nuts
  • How creativity is linked to your physiological well-being and critical for healing
  • What mother nature can teach us about applying creativity for success
  • The biggest killer of creativity and what to do about it
  • Practical ways to boost creativity
  • Food tips to get our body and brain in balance

There are some good takeaways in this video for anyone experiencing “stuckness” in their health, business or life, or for someone who’s just looking to enhance their creativity. Working with many chronically ill folks - autoimmunity, diabetes, digestive illnesses, chronic inflammation, etc - I can say without a doubt that incorporating ways to engage in a creative process promotes healing in ways we haven’t measured yet.

I would love to hear from you! After you check out the video, let me know in the comments below any aha's or insights you got out of it and how you plan on incorporating creativity in your life and health!

Thanks for watching and hope you got some value that you can use right away :)