How I overcame obsessive thoughts & turned my health around


The other day I woke up with a memory of something from when I was around 12 or 13 years old. Something that I had long forgotten… As a young girl, I did pretty well in school, had good friends, had great parents and was generally a happy and active kid… everything was seemed really normal, except that I secretly dealt with some issues that I now identify as on the spectrum of OC (Obsessive Compulsive).

I’m not talking about obsession with boys (ahem.. normal for 13 year old girls right?) or with bands or clothes. I was obsessed with other things… like the perfection of my hair and bangs, or the cracks on the sidewalk or how many times I cleared my throat. I’m talking about the kind of obsession that delayed me an hour because I couldn’t get one piece in my bangs to fall correctly, or that I would have to step in between each crack on the sidewalk 3 times and then step on every other 3rd crack with the middle of my foot. Clearly this would put a wrinkle in my punctuality. But even more so, I became consumed with perfection. Other little habits and tics began to show up and these anxious thoughts began to take over my mind.

I felt in control of these anxious thoughts and nervous physical feelings when I accomplished perfection with each act. Accomplishing this gave me a feeling of comfort and sense of control and the warmth of assurance… It’s hard to explain, but it was definitely a comforting and good feeling, a release of satisfaction hormones. I was doing these things and having these thoughts uncontrollably, which affected my behavior.

And I hated it. It felt like a trap that I couldn’t escape. I came to the realization that despite feeling like I was controlling my actions, it was really these thoughts and compulsion that had a control over me.

One time after a particularly hard day where I was obsessed with my hair and had a throat clearing tic, I began to cry because I felt so stupid for feeling this way and yet it had a hold on me. It was in that moment that I made a conscious decision to talk back to the compulsive thoughts and choose better thoughts. So every time I would begin having a controlling or compulsive or obsessive thought, I would say “NO” out loud and imagine that thought form being thrown in the trash or ripped apart or scratched out.

THIS WAS NOT EASY. And this definitely was not an overnight change. I repeatedly did this everyday, I was relentless with my thoughts, and overtime it became a little easier.

As I remembered this time in my life, I began to think of all the things that would have had an affect on my physiology and psychology. Obviously I can’t tell you for sure why I began experiencing these behavior patterns and thoughts, but I can tell you what I have learned over the years of self experimentation and training in health and functional nutrition….

Our health – physically, emotionally and mentally – are absolutely dependent on our ability to process and release toxins.

As an adolescent girl, I was not only changing hormonally, but I was also consuming tons of junk food, soda, and for the first time experimenting with girly personal care products that each had a paragraph of chemicals I couldn’t pronounce in their labels. Not to mention I was consuming foods that I was totally sensitive to (but didn’t know yet until years later). Basically I was fighting against an onslaught of neurotoxic chemicals, brain stimulating chemicals, my own allergic inflammatory reactions, and the crazy mind of an adolescent girl going through puberty.


So here I was as a kid unable to absorb good nutrients and bringing in terrible processed foods and chemicals into my body leading to altered moods, obsessive and compulsive thoughts, and many other physical manifestation like bloating, indigestion, puffy face, acne, the jitters, brain fog and more. While I was able to shift my thought patterns a little by choosing to do so, I couldn’t will my body to gain health as long as I was inundated with these toxins.

It wasn’t until I began to change my diet in my 20s, eating detoxifying diet, that my health really began to turn around in an incredible way! At the same time I began changing all of my personal care products to natural products like coconut oil and chemical free shampoo, washing my hands with real natural soap, looking for makeup that was mineral based and reducing the exposure to chemicals in any way that I could in my life. After years of struggling with my own body and mind, I finally felt not only at peace, but THRIVING. Imagine if I would have started sooner…

In today’s world, we are BOMBARDED with toxins at multiple levels. Our food has chemicals and pesticides, conventional meat and our water supply contain antibiotics, our cleaning and personal care products are filled with chemicals that affect our hormones, our immunity, OUR GENES. Not to mention the toxicity of too much adrenaline coursing thru our bodies from chronic stress!

We’re told that it’s our fault that we’re sick and fat, and yet we are literally being poisoned.

It is not your fault. Your body is doing the best it can to protect you. Our bodies have a natural ability to detoxify, and yet the assault on our bodies with the amount of toxins is sometimes too much to handle.

That’s why I believe so radically in the power of detoxing regularly.

We need to support our bodies in every way we can, reduce and eliminate the sources of toxicity, and enhance and support our natural detoxification systems so they can do their job.

Detoxing changed my life.

I know it can change yours too. That’s why I’m SO EXCITED to announce the launch of Dive Deep DetoxA new 14 day transformational journey through food, lifestyle, and love. I’ve partnered with another amazing health coach to bring you the best of what we’ve got packaged in this 14 day proven detox system. This is not your average detox – we’re diving deep into your food, your environment and your LIFE so you can peel back the layers, press the reboot button and get back into alignment with your body, mind & soul.


DDD_all 3 ipad covers

We’ve literally poured our knowledge, heart and soul into this program and we want to help you refocus on YOU this New Year. We’re combining the power of food as medicine with self-nourishment techniques and coaching for a truly holistic approach.

The good news is that you have a choice.

You can absolutely take back your health and clear the toxic stuff that’s holding you back from the kick-ass-hell-yes life you actually desire and start fresh for the new year.

We would be honored to have you join us in January 2016 for the Dive Deep Detox and support you in your journey to your next level.


You are worth it.

Love always,


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