How to Go From Confusion + Burn Out --> Clarity, Pleasure + Purpose: Uncovering Ancient Wisdom for Impactful Leadership With Ashley Burnett

How do you lead in a strong and sustainable way, in life and career, from a place of alignment... without being drained of energy or burning out?

How do you cut thru the noise and maintain connection to your intuition and inner guidance in times of extreme stress and chaos?

That’s what Ashley Burnett had to figure out in her business and life after years of struggle with her health, as an entrepreneur and facing “life or death” moments in her personal life.

In this insightful conversation, Ashley shares how imperative it is to shift out the paradigm of “grinding and burn out” to embrace our true nature, and live + lead from a balanced and well-nourished place (and how the heck to do that).

We talk about the power of incorporating nature-based ritual, sacred ceremony + self-care into our daily lives and work, and the importance of setting intention, working with a coach, and surrounding yourself with ppl who support your vision. Ashley shares how she was able to maintain connection to her intuition and wisdom throughout some pretty scary events (hint: trust, lift + shift), and the game-changing question that her own coach asked her that blasted her limiting beliefs and made her 3-year vision come into reality within 9 months.

So much wisdom here for busy entrepreneurs, mamas, burnt out leaders, or anyone desiring to live and work from a place of sustainability and alignment!

Women’s leadership coach, dancer, women’s circle and retreat facilitator and earth-based ritualist, Ashley Burnett is committed to helping change-making entrepreneurs and leaders align their core-values with their vision, become more impactful leaders, and embody their missions in life, with confidence. Ashley has been teaching, leading groups and running her business for over 15 years. She’s facilitated hundreds of classes, workshops, events and retreats, and led thousands around the globe in expanding their businesses and igniting their leadership. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband David, and has the honor of running her retreats at her workshop space on 22 acres of expansive land.

Show Notes

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How Ashley got into the work of women’s leadership coaching and nature-based ritual work with Strong Body Love

  • How Ashley ditched gallbladder surgery at the hospital and followed her heart to health coaching school to take a more holistic approach to health

  • Ashley’s work supporting women who want to show up in their communities, and discover their core values for alignment in all areas - life + business

  • The importance of dance + movement, and working with rhythms, seasonal cycles and nature

  • How Ashley’s husband’s health scare with an autoimmune disorder + losing 50 lbs led them to make serious shifts in their lives, including moving out of the city

  • The one question that Ashley’s coach asked her that blasted her limiting beliefs and made her 3-year vision come into reality in 9 months

  • The power of setting intention, working with a coach, and surrounding yourself with ppl who support your vision

  • How Ashley was able to maintain connection to her intuition and wisdom throughout the very scary life events: “trust, lift + shift”

  • The power of clarity and writing your intention down - be as clear and specific as possible, then recite it! Sharing, praying, and moving your intention into the universe

  • The importance of the “feminine” acts - receiving and sharing for manifestation

  • How Ashley was forced to slow down to discern what was absolutely necessary and what had to go

  • The importance of releasing the outcome + the power of this one phrase: “With or without exactly this, I am at peace.”

  • The self care movement and discerning the benefit of nourishing self care practices vs the detriment of dogma

  • A ritual is when you show up with intention, focus, presence, and consistency.

  • How you can begin a nourishing self-care practice with a simple meditation or breathwork - i.e. start with just 3 big breaths upon waking

  • Ashley walks us through a Sama Vritti Pranayama practice

  • Important questions to ask yourself: What are your core values? How do you want to show up in the world? What can you let go of that you’re clinging to that is actually holding you back from your core values and living in alignment?

  • Ashley’s yearlong journey: the Soulstice Sisterhood

  • How Ashley continuously refines her own practice and work, including her launch schedule to align more with the cycles and seasons

  • Ashley’s top resources and books for learning how to work with ritual and seasons

  • How yoga and getting back into her body in a sacred way is feeding her wild

  • The importance of Getting Curious

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Resources + Links Mentioned 

Joanna Lindenbaum

Rituals of Celebration: Honoring the Seasons of Life Through the Wheel of the Year by Jane Meredith*

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