Dangers of Being A "Good Girl" + Deconstructing the False self with Dr. Emelia Sam

Ever feel like you're "on track, but off purpose"?

This was the heavy feeling that Dr. Emelia Sam experienced as she was set on course to achieving all the things that she was "supposed" to achieve. In this intimate conversation, Emelia reveals how playing the good girl was a disservice... and it took major deconstructing of who she thought she was to find her true self. We talk about the process of E.D.I.T.ing your story to recover alignment in your life, practical spirituality, the power of resonance + magnetism, and the need for compassionate competency within healthcare.

Within the first few years of professional life, Emelia realized something was amiss and started to recover the passions she left behind. For over a decade, she has maintained a blog, now known as 360SOUL, concerned with matters of mind and spirit.

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Dr. Emelia Sam hails from Edmonton, Canada. After completing a Bachelor of Science degree at home she moved to Washington DC to attend dental school. Two years later, she realized she pretty much hated general dentistry but felt she was too far down that particular educational path to abandon it. She ended up being drawn towards the specialty of oral & maxillofacial surgery which required a four-year residency.

Emelia has published several books including I Haven't Found Myself but I'm Still Looking and The Book of Soulgasms. Her latest book, Compassionate Competency: Healing the Heart of Healthcare represents the intersection of her experience as a practitioner with her long-time interests in personal development and spirituality.

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Show Notes

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How Emelia was inspired to write about the missing component in healthcare - compassion

  • Emelia shares her personal story and the moment she realized she was “on track but off purpose”

  • How a series of life-altering events led to Emelia’s recovery of writing, and started her inspirational blog

  • How being the “good girl” and following the rules got her off track from her truth

  • The questions Emelia started asking herself to begin deconstructing the false self and reconnecting to her truth and core being

  • How to engage in what Emelia calls “Soul Scripting” and use the process of E.D.I.T.-ing the story (Experience. Dig. Inventory. Thoughts.) to recover alignment in your life

  • The importance of your friends and who you surround yourself with

  • How Emelia began rooting out her limiting subconscious beliefs and thoughts that were “seeded” into her

  • Emelia’s favorite personal development books and teachers

  • How gratitude journaling became Emelia’s primary spiritual practice and how it has been one of the most impactful practices in her life

  • Why Emelia’s all about the practical, quotes, and things that can hit her in an instant

  • Emelia’s perspective on resonance + magnetism - and how to create a field of resonance that calls in what you desire

  • Why Emelia’s “done with chasing” and how we often weigh ourselves down

  • Why hospitals are not the ideal “field of resonance” for healing

  • What is compassionate competency and how we can heal the heart of healthcare

  • How Emelia is feeding her wild and honoring her softness

  • Emelia shares a gift with FYW listeners Check out the link below...


Connect With Emelia Sam

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Emelia's Soulscripting course (with the E-D-I-T method): Udemy.com/soulscripting 


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  • ebook - How to Create the Life You Really Want: 20 Small Strategies for Big Changes

  • A 20 minute audio on "The Myth of Potential"

  • Transformational Truths Graphic


Resources + Links Mentioned


Wayne Dyer

Deepak Chopra

Marianne Williamson's A Return To Love*

Oprah's Gratitude Journaling

Don Miguel Ruiz's The Four Agreements*

Women Who Run with the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes*

Emelia's gift for listeners: www.emeliasam.com/thankyou



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