Woke Womb Work: Healing Generational Trauma & Reclaiming Yoni Power with The Brujas of Brooklyn

We’re speaking with Dr. Griselda Rodriguez-Solomon and Dr. Miguelina Rodriguez, aka The Brujas of Brooklyn. As Afro-Dominican identical twins, raised in Brooklyn, New York, they believe in the power of Spirit to cast spells that aid in collective healing. The Brujas of Brooklyn are healing generational traumas of gendered racism, which women of color often hold in our wombs, or Yonis. Their craft is therefore dedicated to womb-healing, or what they call Woke Womb Work. 

In this conversation, we talk about what bruja means to them and the reclamation of this word and way of being.  They share how they came into “Woke Womb Work” diving deep into the sacred realms of the Yoni and how it relates to socioeconomic and political events and forces.

The Brujas breakdown for us the disparities within reproductive justice, how intergenerational and transgenerational trauma impacts our genes and health today and how conscious work of healing unravels this injustice.

From bleeding, moon cycles, to Kundalini yoga to twerkshops, we're talking about the elements that go into their work and the practical magic that we can implement into our daily lives to empower us.

The Brujas share what they have gained from this work on a personal level, including the healings and gifts that have unfolded over the years through motherhood, dating and in their work in the classroom as professors.

Dr. Griselda Rodriguez-Solomon (Dr. G.) is a professor, doula and Kundalini yogi. She earned a PhD in Sociology with an emphasis on Gender Studies from Syracuse University. Dr. G. teaches courses throughout the City University of New York (CUNY) related to Racism and Birthing (In) Justice in the US. She is a published author and contributor for Hip Latina Magazine. The home-birth of her sun Talib changed her life forever.  

Dr. Miguelina Rodriguez is an unapologetic gentrification critic, author and Urban Studies professor at LaGuardia Community College. She holds a PhD in Urban Planning and Public Policy from Rutgers University. Her dissertation was an ethnographic study on the ways in which first and second-generation Dominican immigrants experience/make sense of gentrification in Washington Heights. Dr. Miguelina Rodriguez thanks her Saturn's Return for shaping her life as a Yoni priestess. Womb Wellness is her life's work.

Show Notes

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How power shifts in their Saturn return pushed them deep into womb work and spiritual awakening

  • What bruja means to them and the reclamation of Yoni power

  • The demonization of brujas and witches, and how their work as social scientists inform their teachings, spiritual practices, and service

  • What is an “Unfuckablewith” woman and how this relates to womb work and the power of a bruja

  • The importance of daily practical magic

  • Woke womb work: how they dove deep into the sacred realms of the womb and how it relates to socioeconomic and political events and forces

  • The Brujas breakdown the disparities within reproductive justice and the roots of trauma in enslavement and patriarchal society

  • How intergenerational and transgenerational trauma impacts our genes and health today and how conscious work of healing unravels this injustice

  • What the Brujas do in their personal and daily lives to take care of their wombs, bodies, and maintain a sense of groundedness and balance

  • How sometimes the most revolutionary thing you can do is take a sacred bath and nourish yourself and the power of trust in generational healing

  • What to do when you feel alone in your healing journey and growth

  • How practicing presence is one of the most important aspects of personal work and why it’s good not to get too caught up in ritual

  • Burnout in the spiritual and healing world… it’s real.

  • How they navigate the traps of growing a business in a capitalist world and stay rooted in intuition

  • What connecting with your cycle, blood, and body can communicate and why the Brujas are passionate about connecting folks to their rhythms and bodies

  • The Brujas walk us through what goes on in their womb workshops and community events, from Kundalini and meditation to Red Tents and “twerkshops” :)

  • The Shame we carry in our bodies and how to release it

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