Connecting to Our Inner Wildness Thru Breathwork & Curiosity with Eryn Johnson

Today we’re speaking with Eryn Johnson from the Living Open podcast for mystics and seekers! Eryn Johnson is a Philly-based witch, intuitive, and creative. The foundation of her work is energetic and based on the belief that there's nothing wrong with you-- we are simply programmed from a young age to forget the truth of who we are.

She uses Reiki, tarot, breathwork, movement, and storytelling to bring her back to herself and to bring you back to you- back to your power, back to your magic, back to your intuition.

We chat about curiosity as intuition, how judgement has been a big part of Eryn’s journey with healing and how breathwork has totally cracked her open. We talk about nature as a mirror and reflection of the emotions we carry, and I share a very vulnerable moment of grief and how expression and release of these energies is so critical for our vitality.

Eryn shares how she builds her trust muscle for greater connection to her intuition and the practices and tools that have been game-changing in her life experience.

Eryn is also offering a free gift for listeners (which is different from the one she mentions in the interview!), click below for detailed show notes and to access her 8-minute breathwork meditation for daily spiritual practice.

Show Notes

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How yoga taught Eyrn about something greater than herself and reignited her spiritual connection, which led her to starting the podcast

  • How Eryn sees curiosity as intuition, and how following her curiosity brought her to various teachers and spiritual practices that led her down a soul path

  • How judgement has been a big part of Eryn’s journey and healing, chiron in virgo

  • How community support and breathwork have been able to shift her life experience

  • How breathwork has cracked her open, allowing for the intelligence of the emotional and physical body to let go and heal, and experience

  • How we can use breathwork to energize us in the morning (in lieu of our morning coffee ;)

  • Eryn shares how expression of anger has shifted for her and allowed a connection to her inner wild self

  • Nature as a mirror and reflection of the emotions we carry, from the storms and tsunamis to the calm breezes and waves

  • Venessa shares an extremely vulnerable moment of grief and how expression and release is so critical

  • How Eryn works with TRUST and builds her trust muscle in her life

  • Eryn’s work with the throat chakra and the fear of being seen

  • The power of being witnessed during an emotional release, a fuck up, or any other highly vulnerable situations

  • The spiralic journey of healing, and how it can feel exhausting and yet is truly empowering

  • How Eryn uses tarot and reiki to help her see the unseen and to open portals into the places that need to be healed within us and bring our awareness to it

  • Eryn shares how she is working with the tarot’s 10 of Cups as an invitation to be present with life

  • Our take on the World card, the energy and messages that come through

  • How Eryn is feeding her wild through ecstatic dance and community connection

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