Moving Thru Personal & Collective Trauma Spells and Reclaiming Pleasure & Empowerment with Rachael Maddox

How do we unravel from the individual gains of ‘winner vs loser’ and come into deep community togetherness that has nothing to do with money,[...] or achievement, and has everything to do with being beloved to one another, to ourselves, and the Earth?” ~ Rachael Maddox

Disclaimer: In this episode, we discuss themes of sexual trauma & abusive events, so if you feel this might be triggering, I invite you to be gentle with yourself and choose to nourish yourself. If that means skipping or pausing this episode, please support yourself in this way.

In this poignant chat with trauma resolution educator, coach and guide Rachael Maddox, we explore the realms of sexual trauma and trauma resolution, & how to begin reclaiming pleasure, power, and wholeness. Rachael shares her incredible personal story of sexual trauma, the spiralic path with DIY processes, facing melanoma, and ultimately uncovering healing and her soul work.

Rachael walks us through her ABCs of trauma informed transformation and the 5 key things to start coming into harmony with the body’s instincts. We discuss the necessary changes we need to create together at a societal level and how we can begin to shift our cultural/collective trauma spells.

Rachael Maddox has helped hundreds of humans move from sexual, complex or developmental trauma into pleasure, power and trust-filled relationships. Author of Secret Bad Girl: A Sexual Trauma Memoir and Resolution Guide, and the upcoming book ReBloom: A Soulful System for Post-Traumatic Growth in Sex, Love and Society – Rachael uses stories and metaphor to weave together healing methods that are accessible, safe, fun and effective.

Show Notes

In this episode, we discuss:

  • What is sexual trauma and trauma resolution, & reclaiming pleasure, power, and wholeness...

  • Trauma as an embodied violation hangover

  • How our reptilian brain and nervous system plays a role in trauma

  • How stuck energy in our bodies can perpetuate throughout our lives in a non-cognitive way

  • Connection of sexual trauma anchored in the heart space

  • The 7 core wounds we experience and the blueprints of wellness and vitality: Neglect, exploitation, shame and repression, control, violence, isolation and alienation, colonization

  • The original blueprints, with self worth being the first

  • Worthiness is our true nature

  • Rachael’s incredible personal story of sexual trauma and healing journey, the spiralic path, DIY processes, and facing melanoma

  • The profound therapeutic strategies that have helped Rachael break through

  • First steps people can take to begin unpacking trauma within their own bodies and life experiences

  • Rachael walks us through her ABCs of trauma informed transformation and the 5 key things to start coming into harmony with the body’s instincts: Attunement, Body First, Consent & Cooperation, Trust

  • Sex after trauma - Rachael’s words of advice on honoring your desires and cultivating a sense of safety

  • Rachael offers free meditations and resources for developing deep self love

  • Permission to go SLOW

  • Rachael’s favorite resources and books

  • Necessary changes we need to create together at a societal level and how we can begin to shift our cultural/collective trauma spells

  • Rachael’s Re-Bloom process and upcoming book

  • “I am one of many doing my part... How can I feel that with more gravity?”

  • The isolation of modern life, the cultural soma (body), and so many of us suffering because of disconnection form one another

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Brigit Viksnins

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