How Working With The Moon Can Change Your Life With Sarah Faith Gottesdiener

Moontime is a very natural state to live in. It is one our ancestors have lived in. It is of nature. It can be a useful tool at any stage of our own spiritual growth or awareness we find ourselves in.– Sarah Faith Gottesdiener, Many Moons 2018 Vol 1

Natural rhythms and cycles. These, I believe, are the bedrock of health, connectedness, and vitality as embodied beings here on Earth. If we are nature, which we are, then the more we allow ourselves to sync back up with the rhythms and cycles of our natural environment and the cosmos, the more deeply we open up ways for us to explore who we really are and our greatest potential.

Working with the moon can be a powerful way to do this. This is evidenced by ancient lunar calendars, the power of the moon to influence the ocean's tides, increased soil fertility with the full moon, and of course the feminine cycle of bleeding which happens to sync up with the moon cycle.

So how do you begin working with the moon? What does that actually look like and what can it do for you?

That's what Sarah Faith Gottesdiener began teaching in her Many Moons workbook for the past 3 years, which have now become a cult classic. Sarah Faith is a creative, an artist, designer, writer, teacher, and Tarot reader, who hopes to provide inspiration and support through a variety of different avenues.

Her Many Moons workbook provides a variety of esoteric and practical tools, utilizing the phases of the Moon in real time to get you "anchored, in touch with your intuition, and on your path with more intention, and more results."

In this episode, we dive deep right away into how to cultivate trust and build your own intuitive practice working with the moon, the history of suppression and oppression of people and magic, & how working with the moon has helped Sarah in her own journey with chronic illness. Sarah is an amazing human and has so much wisdom to share!

We have been using her Many Moons workbook as a resource for our #UNFILTERED Moon Musings episodes and are excited to share her process of creating the book, how to begin working with the moon. Enjoy!

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Show Notes

In this episode, we discuss:

  • What are the Many Moons workbooks and how Sarah got the message to start writing them, despite having no prior plans to become a "spiritual self-help" author
  • Why so many of us have internalized the idea that our intuition is not valuable
  • How Sarah began to develop greater self love, self esteem, boundaries and trust
  • The surprising hardships Sarah dealt with after following her intuition and producing her first book, i.e. pushback, lack of money, and drained time and energy
  • Why desire for rewards and "instant gratification" can hold us back
  • The multigenerational impact of imperialism and how trust has literally been beaten out of us
  • How Sarah's own experience with chronic illness has informed her work
  • Why "metaphorical paychecks" matter
  • The importance of creating space for others to be seen & heard versus making assumptions or "should-ing" on people
  • What does "working with the moon" really mean and how to start a magical practice
  • Sarah explains the holistic cycle of the moon and different phases, the history of the lunar calendar and why living by the moon can positively impact your life
  • Overview of the various lunar energetics and how they are reflected within our own individual experience
  • The biggest myths and misconceptions about living in "moon time," 2 things that trip people up, and simple + practical ways to get started


Connect With Sarah Faith Gottesdiener

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Resources + Links Mentioned

Many Moons 2018: Vol 2: July - December workbook by Sarah + Modern Women

Caliban and the Witch: Women, the Body and Primitive Accumulation by Silvia Federici*

Max Dashu, Witches and Pagans book, and Suppressed Histories Website

Podcasts Sarah is loving right now:

Dream Freedom Beauty with Natalie Ross

Health Fuels Hustle by Amy Kuretsky

Still Processing podcast, The New York Times

How to Survive the End of the World by The Brown Sisters

Ideal Futures podcast with Sarah Faith Gottesdiener and Gina Young


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