#UNFILTERED Moon Musings :: Full Moon in Capricorn :: Walking The Talk, Alignment + Discernment, Digestive Fire + Gut Talk

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This Episode's Theme...

Full Moon in Capricorn :: Walking The Talk, Alignment + Discernment, Digestive Fire + Gut Talk

In this episode, Megan and Venessa dive into this Full Moon’s Capricorn June 27/28 aka the Strawberry Moon.  The themes include alignment/discernment, enacting our spirituality and self-actualization thru creativity, personal power, and internal fire. This Summer time month we also get clinical with this season’s organ - the small intestine + vagus nerve. They cover the energetics, the role and physiology of the small intestine, and share some practical tips and tools to support your digestive fire and flow on ALL levels.

It's also Venessa's birthday(!) and she announces a special virtual workshop on July 22, 2018 called Feed Your Wild :: Gut :: Mapping the Wild Terrain of Your Gut Health and Digestive Wellness PLUS how you can grab your spot for FREE (listen + scroll down this page to learn more)!  

Happy Full Moon!

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Show Notes

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Full Moon Themes: Alignment -> abundance, enacting our spirituality, expansion, creativity, fertilizing, pollination, fire, sun
  • How to discern what is “best”, how to get unstuck
  • Physiology: the small intestine, it’s role and importance, and its role in saying what can "come in" and what "stays out"
  • Alignment and discernment as it relates to the 3rd chakra - solar plexus, the place of personal will and power, also the place of small intestine, stomach, digestion, fire
  • Digestion is a reflection of the ability to digest and assimilate everything including thoughts, this center determines the health of both our bodies and minds
  • Walking the Talk: Organizing our minds and experience, deciding what needs to be burned away or retained; setting goals and concentrating on what we need to do and think to achieve our aspirations 
  • Importance of diversity, color, rainbow foods, and polyphenols in digestion
  • Listener Qs on digestive issues: bloating/gas/constipation/diarrhea
  • Practice/Tools/Foods: ways to get digestive fire going and movement/flow
  • Fire supportive foods: Bitters, ginger, seeds, vinegars
  • Flow supportive foods: Colorful foods/veggies + fruit for fiber, polyphenols, detox + cooling foods, raw foods
  • The importance of slowing down and chewing
  • The vagus nerve and how it impacts all aspects of our health
  • Summer is nature's season of growth and maturation:: learning to be in flow with nature and to flow as nature does through the seasons and through the moon cycles
  • Ways to support the health and action of your vagus nerve


Two practices to try for this Full Moon: Fire + Flow

  • How many colors can you put in your shopping bag and plate? This season, reach for colored versions of what you usually get and be adventurous! 
  • Slow down and chew your food... Pick out ONE meal per day to focus on giving yourself ample time for the meal, slowing down, and chewing really well and mindfully
  • Bonus... LAUGH this week and show your vagus nerve some love ;)


Feed Your Wild :: Gut :: Virtual Workshop!

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This workshop is designed to educate and give you practical tools to take back your health by re-aligning and restoring the true nature of your gut.


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Time: 12pm - 3pm PST / 2pm - 5pm CST / 3pm - 6pm EST

Duration: 3 hours

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Resources + Links Mentioned

FYW Episode: How Working With The Moon Can Change Your Life With Sarah Faith Gottesdiener

Many Moons by Sarah Faith Gottesdiener

Eastern Body, Western Mind by Anodea Judith*

Andrea Nakayama's Functional Nutrition Alliance


Four Sigmatic Reishi Mushroom Elixir*

Four Sigmatic Organic Swiss Water Decaf Ground Mushroom Coffee with Reishi*

Rasa Koffee Ground Adaptogenic Herbal Coffee*

Aviva Romm and her book The Adrenal Thyroid Revolution*


Sacred Ecology Visualization & Activation Journey to help you uncover what’s been keeping you stuck in your health & life, and discover what “foods” to bring in right now for radical nourishment & clarity.

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