Healing the Healer: A Journey Through The Amazon To The Heart With Irene Shamma

As soon as we say yes to a calling, life helps us, life shows us the way.” ~ Irene Shamma


Scientists predict the Amazon rainforest could be consumed in the next 50 years. This disheartening fact fuels Irene's work of planting trees, raising awareness and teaching us how we can all make a difference.

In this episode, Irene Shamma tells us about her adventure to the Amazon + healing her heart with Ayahuasca, walks us through the anatomy of Mother Earth and the vital role of the Amazon rainforest for her overall health and our own. Irene also paints a picture of the stark reality and seriousness of the devastation that is happening in the rainforest right now... how we ALL have an impact and what steps we can take to make a positive difference as a regenerative species rather than a destructive one.

Her story begins with a journey to recover something very dear to her as a child that she lost... her deep connection to the natural world and sense of compassion. What she didn’t realize was that she was being called by something much deeper than herself.

Irene Shamma is an architect, designer, and environmental activist from Cyprus who left her life in the city and embarked on a journey of self-discovery and reconnection with nature in the Amazon rainforest. Along this journey, she received deep shamanic healing with medicinal plants that allowed her to experience the magnificence of the rainforest but also its devastating destruction to the deepest level. A calling to devote herself to the protection of the Amazon emerged.


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Show Notes

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How Irene dove into trust, dropped everything and embarked on a journey into the Amazon
  • How ayahuasca taught Irene the journey she needed to take was within
  • How medicinal plants have been the catalyst of reawakening her bond with nature, the magic of nature, life, love and mother earth
  • Her advice for someone who’s feeling the calling to reconnect
  • How she had no idea what she was getting into but she let her curious lead the way into a powerful healing
  • How Irene realized she needed to raise awareness because we are all responsible for the destruction of the rainforest
  • Every second that passes we lose an area the size of a football field of rainforest and most of that is illegal
  • Why the Amazon is called the lungs, heart, womb, and pharmacy of our planet and how we are ALL connected to this place even if we live on the other side of the planet as well as its destruction
  • Irene walks us through the anatomy of Mother Earth and the vital role of the Amazon rainforest for her overall health and our own
  • The problem with soil erosion and desertification of the Amazon
  • The question that Irene wants you to ask yourself
  • Simple steps people can start to help restore the Amazon
  • Her discovery of deep shame that she had no idea was sitting on her heart, and how we feel the pain of Mother Earth and the destruction we are causing


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