Awakening the Healer Within :: Intuitive Healing & Plant Medicine with Asia Suler

Asia Suler is an amazing teacher, concoctress, word weaver and founder of One Willow Apothecaries who has a beautiful way of weaving the sacredness of the seen AND unseen worlds and intuition into earth-based and plant medicine. Her knowledge is heart-centered and comes from a deep ancient wisdom as well as her experience with health challenges.

In this episode, Asia talks about how a chronic painful condition called vulvodynia initiated Asia into the plant path and opened her up to the luminous in the world.

Asia talks about using her intuition to uncover aspects of her condition and how we can connect back to our own intuition and the natural world, and what to do about sensory overload. Lots of recommendation for highly sensitive people and empaths! We talk about trees as teachers, the power of silliness, dreamtime, and how to open our hearts for greater access to collective wisdom that’s available to us, including plant allies that support us in this deep work.

Asia’s work includes private consultations as well as in-person retreats and online programs, including Intuitive Plant Medicine, a yearly program that guides people into coming into connection with the natural world.

Show Notes

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How a chronic painful condition called vulvodynia initiated Asia into the plant path and pushed her to the brink, and ultimately recognizing the luminous in the world

  • How teachers and Native American studies program affirmed her sense of being a living being in a living world

  • Trees as gatekeepers and how Asia learned that we could be welcomed in by the natural living world

  • How a Willow tree was the first being that connected Asia to the living world growing up

  • The concept of the world tree - the ability of the tree to traverse the lower and upper unseen worlds

  • How Asia learned that we are all our own healers, and how we give a lot of our power away

  • How Asia began listening to her own intuition and believes that tapping into our wild selves brings us closer to our intuition

  • How Asia used her intuition to uncover aspects of her condition, such as her gluten sensitivity (before gluten free was a thing)

  • How to build trust and open yourself back up to intuition - spending time in the “more than human” world

  • Learning how to be a witness

  • Asia offers up practices to connect back to your intuition and the natural world, and what to do about sensory overload

  • Asia’s recommendation for those highly sensitive people (HSP) and empaths, and why sensory deprivation can be game-changing

  • The power of silliness to expand our perspective and how shame is the ultimate “disconnect” emotion

  • How shame what drew Asia powerfully to plants - the lack of judgement, and shame as a gremlin in the closet

  • Asia’s perspective on how she believes we are meant to operate in this world and the work we need to do to get back to it

  • The main challenge that HSPs deal with, and how to address it - and why reframing self-care

  • Asia’s take on dreams, where we go in dreamtime and her belief that dreams are of the most potent and spontaneous sources of intuitive information that we can receive

  • Asia’s struggle with insomnia and her insight about the root cause related to being overwhelmed, and how she’s had to shape her bedtime routine to support her sleep in the best way

  • Words of wisdom for people who are living busy lives and feel challenged to bring in self-care, silence, or alone time

  • Why being in our heart space is incredibly important for making good decisions, noticing  and what can open in our awareness when we open our hearts

  • How to open our hearts through gratitude and how are hearts are taking in collective wisdom for an expanded perspective and awareness of possibilities

  • How her experience healing from lyme brought her into a deeper sense of compassion and gratitude, and how she learned that gratitude

  • Hawthorn as the gatekeeper of the heart and a doorway to enter and access the otherworld including elementals such as fairy realm, and how physiologically hawthorn is one of the most used heart tonics and plant medicine for the cardiovascular system

  • How opening our heart changes our perception of time and possibilities

  • How the doctrine of signatures of Hawthorn shows us its essential gifts and Asia’s own Hawthorn flower essence with a dash of thorniness

  • How all-weather walks is feeding Asia’s wild right now

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