Quantum Languaging: Co-create Your Reality Using The Power of Words with Dani Katz

Alas, words are infinitely more complex entities, each encrypted with a unique vibrational frequency that is itself coded with metadata that affects our emotional, energetic and psychological bodies...” ~ Dani Katz

We’re getting nitty giddy with our words with Dani Katz, LA-based writer, artist and Quantum Languaging coach/consultant and author of The New P. Handbook, Vol. 1: Little Languaging Hacks for Big Change. She is on a mission to shift the paradigm with the power of our words.

You’ll hear Dani’s story of waking up in the middle of the night with spontaneous paralyzation that led her to this awakening to the power of languaging and words. We talk about our subconscious minds and how it creates our reality and the most sabotaging words in our language and which words to use instead. Dani talks about mind “viruses”, how she uplifts her own mood and thoughts, how to upgrade your beliefs, and what it takes to shift our life experience as embodied beings on Earth.

If you’ve been experiencing stuckness and self sabotaging patterns, this is one episode to listen to and pay attention to what comes up for you and where language patterns can shift in your own world.

Show Notes

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How Dani woke up in the middle of night with paralyzation out of nowhere that knocked her down which led her to serendipitously find a book she had never seen before: Hidden Language Codes by R Neville Johnston

  • How words and the language codes began to show themselves to Dani and how it has shifted her life experience

  • How Dani overcame her paralyzation and get her spine back in place without surgery

  • Words are encoded with metadata and each word vibrates with unique frequencies that affects us on all levels

  • How our subconscious mind creates 95%+ of our reality and we are deliberate co-creators of our experience, and how our subconscious is programmed through language

  • How the Universe takes our beliefs and patterns as directions and directives

  • How “should” actually means “I know more than you/I have authority over you”  is steeped in hierarchy, which is a paradigm we are moving away from and into a new paradigm of unity, inclusivity, peace, and abundance

  • How words are key for ushering us into a new paradigm

  • The most sabotaging words in our language and which words to use instead

  • The power of words in self-talk and how to identify where we are sabotaging ourselves

  • How saying “I don’t have time” gives your power away… to time

  • How Dani has experienced depression and tried all the things - but what pulls her out of darkness are the words she’s using in her thoughts

  • What you can do to start tracking your limiting beliefs and rewrite the “upgrade”

  • What to do when you catch yourself in a negative thought or belief

  • How tapping and making up songs helps to support Dani shifting her frequency

  • What “upper limit issues” are and the importance of being brutally honest with ourselves, plus examples of this in Dani’s own life

  • What Dani’s favorite word “Omniscopic” means and why it’s amazing

  • How the conscious mind is literal, which makes words like “limitless” problematic

  • Dani’s perspective on “identity” and how we’re moving toward a more unified global community

  • Practices and hacks for shifting your self-talk

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The New P. Handbook, Vol. 1: Little Languaging Hacks for Big Change

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Secrets of the Talking Jaguar: Memoirs from the Living Heart of a Mayan Village by Martín Prechtel

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