Becoming a Master of the Living Energy: The Mystical World of the Q'ero of Peru + Andean Cosmovision with Joan Parisi Wilcox

The art of being a paqo is to always be in conscious ayni - energetic interchange - in the cosmos of living energy. The art of being a paqo is to become an ecologist of your energy environment.~ Joan Parisi Wilcox, 

What if you could experience "heaven on Earth," without the use of mind-altering psychotropics or disembodied experiences? The Andean mystical tradition is a pragmatic sacred tradition that teaches us how to live in this way - providing tools for living in harmony with nature and the spirit realms, with a primary goal to live with well-being in the embodied world, empower your energy body, and refine your consciousness. 

Joan Parisi Wilcox has studied the tradition and spiritual arts of the Q'ero Indians of Peru, the most respected mystics of the south-central Andes, for more than twenty years under the tutelage of Juan Nuñez del Prado and has been interviewed in documentary films about the tradition. In this episode, Joan gives us an overview of the Andean cosmovision, we talk about salqa - the “undomesticated or wild” energy in relation to this cosmovision, and how to refine our energy body so that we can “push the kawsay”, or manifest with the living animating energy of the cosmos.

She shares core practices that you can use when you need them wherever and whenever, and gives insight into the importance of intention in this energy work along with her sage advice for committing to your personal evolution.

Joan provides insights into an ancient wisdom that can help those of us living in a modern society re-discover our own wild, find attunement with nature and harmony within ourselves.

Joan is a professional writer with interests in frontier science, shamanism and mysticism, and indigenous traditions. She is the author of Masters of the Living Energy: The Mystical World of the Q’ero of Peru as well as 2 other books. She has written dozens of magazine articles, been interviewed on radio, lectured at conferences in the US and Europe, is a transformational coach and teaches workshops across the US on the Andean mystical tradition. You can learn more about the Andean mystical tradition at her website/blog

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Show Notes

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Joan's trajectory through various traditions including spiritual church, intuition + mediumship studies, Native American and Buddhist traditions, shamanic traditions and journeying, and Andean Mystical tradition 
  • How she was very attracted to the Andean pragmatism and practical tradition - all about being the “best human being that you could be in the human world”
  • Salqa - a Quechua word for the “undomesticated or wild” energy of the world 
  • Joan gives us an overview of the Andean cosmovision and the major “belts”
  • Quayi lives in our belly, qosqo (navel) - the place of emotion, and how Andeans make distinction between feelings (compassion, love) and emotions (worry, happiness, jealousy, passion, etc)
  • Personal power and the fact that we all have the energetic, emotional, physical capacity to put our intent into action
  • What does “pushing the Kawsay”, the living animating energy of the cosmos, mean and how we can do it
  • How we can influence the world of living energy through our intent because Energy must follow intent, plus how there’s a little bit of chance, novelty and randomness that also exist in the Universe
  • If you don’t have “personal power” or energetic coherence, you wont be able to manifest or "push the Kawsay"
  • How to Cleanse our energy body plus the 3 practices to move through the levels of energy and the different levels of consciousness
  • Joan shares core practices that you can use when you need them wherever/whenever, including a 10 minute exercise, and talks about sami (refined vibration energy) and hucha (heavy energy)
  • What are ultimate goal is in this human experience, according to the Andean tradition 
  • How anyone can do this work and Joan debunks the myth that you have to get “the ritual right”
  • "We’re not trying to slay the ego, we’re trying to create harmony with it."
  • What Joan says is the biggest "trap" at the 3rd level of consciousness
  • The 4th level is "global consciousness and Oneness," and how we are growing into it with growing pains - this is the level of the mystic, where you can see past the signs, boundaries, etc. You can "find God in all" aside from the human constructs 
  • Why we never want to be in a stance of “protection” from “evil” energies or dark entities
  • The misconception around “energy vampires” and how “no one can enter your energy body without your invitation”
  • "There’s nothing that can hurt you except the fear that you project out onto energy - energy is just energy"
  • Manifestation laws according to the Q'ero and how “the universe will give you whatever you choose, and what you have the personal power to manifest, to move the Kawsay in that direction”
  • Joan’s advice for committing to your evolution and how to steer clear from “shiny object syndrome” 


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