Re-Wilding Our Minds, Magic Mushrooms & Messages From Unseen Realms with Shonagh Home

The holy grail is in our Mind... our mind is a magic wand. It’s not ‘Would you like a wand’... No... it is ‘How big of a wand would you like’ because it’s all about the power of Mind.” ~ Shonagh Home

Shonagh Home is a shamanic therapist, teacher, author and poet. She shares about her journey and personal self discovery after a mid-life crisis and working with magic mushrooms. Shonagh shares a lot of wisdom related to re-wilding our minds - individually and as a collective, how to begin to reclaim this ancient wisdom and de-program and dispel so much of the programming and conditionings that have been installed into our brains and instilled in our lives.

She gives advice for highly sensitive people, empaths and shares the messages + wisdom that she has been receiving through the mushrooms as teachers as well as nature spirits & elementals. Lots of practical magic in this interview - can’t wait to hear what unfolds for you as you try out some of these practices that Shonagh so eloquently shares with us.

Shonagh Home is a shamanic therapist, teacher, author and poet. Her specialized private sessions and retreats assist clients to break chronic, self-defeating patterns, and move into empowered personal sovereignty. She is an international public speaker on the subject of visionary shamanic-spirit medicine, a voice for stewardship of the honeybees, and an expert on traditional foods.

She is author of Ix Chel Wisdom: 7 Teachings from the Mayan Sacred Feminine, Love and Spirit Medicine, Poetic Whispers from the Green Realms, Honeybee Wisdom: A Modern Melissa Speaks, and a contributor to the upcoming book, Psychedelic Mysteries of the Feminine: Creativity, Ecstasy and Healing.

Show Notes

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How a mid-life face slap lead Shonagh to reclaim the parts of herself that she left aside as she became an adult, honing her intuition and journey of personal discovery and student of the mystery

  • How Shonagh was very connected to fairy realms in her childhood, initiated by her Irish grandmother

  • How Shonagh started to explore psychotropic plant medicine, and how the mushroom called her deeply

  • How Shonagh began a soul training with entheogenic mushrooms and led to discovering her deepest wound - abandonment - and reconnecting with her intuitive abilities

  • How Shonagh learned that her “program” is doubt and how she was told there is a “user’s manual” for this mind-body complex that we can access

  • How we are all playing and working within the field of energy and mystery of each person and world

  • How to tap into our living technologies

  • Why Shonagh doesn’t trust the media and programming

  • The biggest teachings she received from the mushrooms and nature beings

  • How being an outlier, “misfit” and not fitting in has served Shonagh in her life

  • How Shonagh learned that she had to work with the power of her mind using “mind management”

  • How interrupting the doubt, worry, and chronic thinking with a question can change everything

  • Why it’s ALL electric and why it’s critical to understand this

  • How the media “casts spells” constantly and functions as mom and dad raising our children

  • Why Shonagh believes what we are seeking now is True Nourishment

  • Reclaiming what has been lost and learning from Mother Earth & nature

  • What Shonagh recommends we can begin to dispel our myths, programming, and conditionings that do not serve us

  • What Shonagh has to say to highly sensitive people and empaths

  • How to use dowsing, pendulums, divination tools and song to connect with nature spirits and your guides

  • The magic of poetry and the messages Shonagh has received from the Fairy realms

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Love and Spirit Medicine by Shonagh Home

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