Wild Food As Medicine :: Honey

Nourishment During Eclipse Season

You guys… SO much going on with Eclipse season. While I am not an astrologer, I do recognize how cosmic shifts have a HUGE impact on our lives (and I’m seeing it with my clients very strongly this month).

Dubbed the Great American Eclipse, there will be a solar eclipse August 21st that will cast a shadow upon the entire US. We can think about this particular Eclipse as all of the collective “shadow” and unresolved and untruths coming up to a head like a pimple waiting to be popped (gross imagery but that seems accurate!), so it can feel painful, inflamed, ugly, but an opportunity for the healing process to continue on now and afterward.

The time of a solar eclipse can be seen as a major reversal of the “rulers” and people, representing a collective rebirth. And this rebirth has a LOT to do with reclaiming of the divine feminine (which is in flow, loving, receiving, sharing, Mama Earth energy) and there’s a great deal of “masculine” shadow energy surfacing on an individual level as well as collectively.

A solar eclipse offers a particularly powerful window of opportunity to begin to working with the light of your subtle energy body.

So what can we do to take care of ourselves in this deep and transformative time? 

For one, we can support ourselves with deeply nourishing + medicinal foods – and Wild Raw Honey hits the mark on ALL levels, body, mind and spirit.


Ancient. Healthy. Medicinal. Indestructible. Holy.

That just about sums it up for the magical nectar that is Honey. In ancient Hebrew texts, honey is referred to as “the truth” because it is perfect in its original form.

I get a lot of clients that are afraid to incorporate honey because there’s a lot of fear-mongering related to sugar and those who are addressing Candida issues are also trying to stay away from most sweets.

I actually encourage the use of natural sweeteners (in small-moderate amounts) such as honey in its most raw form, since it offers so much more than sweetness... and we need sweetness in all aspects of our lives!

Raw unprocessed honey is a living medicinal food with antimicrobial, antiviral, antioxidant properties, that has been used for ages as a source of nutrition and medicine. The science of beekeeping began in ancient Egypt, but humans have been foraging for wild honey since the dawn of man!

Collected by the female worker bees from untold numbers of flowers and plant species, it’s literally made from golden nectar created by light energy and plants, sipped by the bees - alchemy at it’s finest.

There are an enormous variety of phytochemicals, enzymes, nutrients, and minerals that can support your immune system and body’s ability to adapt to a variety of challenges. Raw local honey is wonderful for allergies, colds, flus, sinus infections, adrenal dysfunction, throat issues, stomach and intestinal issues such as IBS/SIBO, viral issues, and more.

We could all use more wild foods in our diet and wild raw honey is fairly easy to come by! All honey should be eaten raw, as cooked/heated honey contains no enzymes. Honey is the only food (that I know of) that doesn’t spoil! It has also been proven to tone down assertive flavors, which is why it goes so well in mustards, vinaigrettes, and often included in herbal remedies to make the medicine go down smoother, literally.

You can also use honey topically for its medicinal properties as well, especially Manuka honey derived from New Zealand. Warning: You don’t want to give honey to children under the age of one, though, due to potential contamination with botulism.

My favorite ways to have honey are...

  • In my herbal teas and lemon water - make sure not to add it when it's piping hot tho!

  • Add to dressings or sauces that will be served raw

  • Drizzled over organic fresh fruit in the hot summer

  • Straight up! I'll do this when I'm coming down with something or I feel the beginnings of a sore throat - 1 tsp straight.

Besides creating a medicinal superfood, Bees are a critical part of our ecosystem! To learn 10 ways you can support bees and save them from the global bee crisis and loss of habitat, click here.

Solar-Powered Honey Tea for Solar Plexus (3rd Chakra)


The solar plexus is the 3rd chakra, our place of personal power and will. It’s associated with the color yellow and is the seat of our emotions and our desire for non-dominating power, energy, and spontaneity.

Nourishing and balancing this chakra will activate our soul and enable us to be confident, focused and tap into our power, transforming our emotions into soulful passions that will radiate outward.


You will need:

1 glass gallon container

1 gallon filtered or spring water

6-8 tea bags or 6-8 tbsp of dried herbs/seed

1/4 cup or 2 tbsp raw local honey (if you can’t find raw, local wildflower honey is ok)


Choose your herbs (this can be tea bags pre-made or loose leaf herbs that you gather yourself). I recommend any combination of the following (organic if possible):

Lemon or Orange Peel, Anise Seed, Eleuthero Root, Cinnamon Bark, Fenugreek, Fennel Seed, Damiana Leaf, Ginger Root, Cardamom Seeds, Rosemary, Lemongrass, Marshmallow Leaf


Here are 2 tea companies online that make yummy blends for our 3rd chakra (you can also use any tea company you find and trust):

Buddha Teas

Simpson & Vail



  1. *Early in the day*: fill a gallon jar with water, tea bags and honey; cover and place jar out in a sunny spot for 3-5 hours.
  2. Remove from outdoors, shake jug to be sure the honey is well-mixed; remove tea-bags (these can go in the compost).
  3. Place jar in fridge to chill or serve over some ice.
  4. Enjoy with friends while witnessing The Great American Solar Eclipse on 8/21!

Akashic Soul Nourishment Reading :: August 2017

Feather collection gathered from my daily walks :)

Feather collection gathered from my daily walks :)

About Soul Nourishment Readings: Just as I weave in spiritual nourishment from the Akashic Records for my clients along with their nutritional protocols on an individual basis, I’ve been inspired to start sharing these readings in a monthly column to support the collective with general monthly themed-readings... and so Monthly Akashic Soul Nourishment Readings were born.

These readings are usually filled with metaphor & symbols, so may require a bit of unraveling & might mean something different for each person, so pay attention to what comes up for you as you read on. Hope they provide value and moments of reflection in your journey. xo, V

Ok, a little background info to paint you a picture: On the night of August 7, 2017 - full moon eclipse, I sat down to meditate and open the Akashic Records for August’s Soul Nourishment reading.

As I began to go deeper into a meditative state, a loud sound of flapping wings came from just outside of my ground level window. It was pitch dark out so I was not able to see the bird that was flapping, and as I went to the window, the flapping stopped. I sat back down to resume, and once again the urgent flapping began again.

This happened in 2 more cycles, and I knew this was part of the message and process. So I sat my butt down and continued with the reading, allowing the flapping to continue and tell the story. This is what I received:

Wings flapping in the dark night. Rhythmic, in code, an urgent message to be heard. The flapping creates sound - a frequency from movement, each feather an instrument playing the notes of a unique windsong... wingsong, revealing the winds of change. The power of these flapping wings is to deliver a potent message. This message is not to be seen. Only heard, felt, and known.

These messages are efficient, brief, precise - you must pay attention or you will miss it. The wind... the breeze speaks, it has a language and carries messages too. 

Hawk appears and soars high above a deep canyon. Silent, focused, intentional, able to see the whole and individual parts all at once.


Hawk says: "You are already flying - soar with intention, now is the time."

How do you flap your wings? What song are you playing?

Is it the effortless soaring, or the urgent flapping? Are you doing so unnecessarily, exerting more effort and energy than needed?

The hawk reminds us that you are being watched - by all beings. And all beings matter.

There is “no time” for engaging in repetitive falsehoods anymore. What you do and say today matters.

What is your song? What is the message of your wind from your movement and instrument?

What is your breath spent on? Spend it wisely and intentionally. No more "blowing hot air" or being a "blowhard." Breath is sacred, don’t waste your air. Each melody from your instrument is an incantation, a song spell.

Cast a life spell with your exhalation.

Inspiration follows expiration, then new life, new beginnings. What kind of spell are you casting with your breath? What is your incantation?

Information is delivered even within the tiniest movement - no matter how soft the flapping of a feather, or quiet the flapping of your lips - mind your song. Sound creates life.


The morning after my reading when I sat down to write this, I pulled an animal spirit card (I use The Wild Unknown deck and love it) - no surprise, the Hawk appeared once again. Hawks as spirit animals are traditionally seen as mystical messengers, visionaries of the air as they have the keenest eyesight. They are watchful, all-seeing, and messengers of divinity. When this bird shows up - PAY ATTENTION, there is a message for you.

Sharp eyes of the hawk watch our every move. They have the ability to see big picture and little details. The winds of today are shifting - hawk carries news upon its wings and this message is sent from divinity itself to deliver it. We are reminded that nothing is too small or insignificant - everything you say, think, and do matters.

A friend reminded me of Don Miguel Ruiz’s book The Four Agreements, in which the first agreement is “Be impeccable with your word.” This message is echoed in this month’s reading, and reminds us how every breath we take and every spoken word is literally an incantation (from in- "into, upon" and cantare "to sing") - it is an act of invoking something within our lives, casting a spell upon ourselves. So be vigilant and mindful about what kind of spell you are casting upon yourself and others with your unique song.

So tell me - what song have you been playing lately? What do you desire to invoke in your life? And what needs to change or amplify with regards to your breath and spoken word to make this happen?


P.S. I also got additional messages about water and bowls that I thought was unrelated (but of course through research afterward became clear it is all connected) - very interesting stuff that I will share soon, so stay tuuuuuned...


If you are interested in a personal reading, with or without a nutritional & health assessment, shoot me an email at hello@wildlyrooted.com and we'll get you set up :)


Akashic Soul Nourishment Reading :: July 2017

I have something new for you guys. Just as I weave in spiritual nourishment from the Akashic Records for my clients along with their nutritional protocols, I’ve been opening the records for insights into my own personal work and life, including retreat planning and writing. (If you want to know more about what the Akashic Records + readings are and how I use them, check out this previous post).

Our health and nourishment come from so much more than our food, and I have found that if we can tap into these various aspects of nourishment, it allows for your body to use food and plants as medicine in an even deeper and more profound way!

This month I was inspired to start sharing these readings in a monthly column... check out my musings below and let me know what you think!


Akashic Soul Nourishment Reading :: July 2017


Photo by Aleksandra Martul


Bear Medicine :: Awakening the power of the unconscious

Alone in the forest we are not... surrounded by living trees, creeks, rolling meadow - it’s all so quiet and peaceful. But something, you sense, is stirring. You feel uneasy, unsettled, and know there is something there. A flash of fur caught in the corner of our view... a gentle and majestic bear emerges from the forest and calls you forth.

What you seek is within, she says. It’s time to pause from looking outside of yourself for answers, the answer lies within.

When we tap into our natural inner wild woman and nourish her, feed her what she desires and needs to flourish, we gain access to the parts of ourselves that are the most ancient, wise and healing.

Shifting your biology starts within, too. Our thoughts inform our biology, behaviors & experiences.

Same brain activity --> activates same brain circuitry --> reproduces the same brain chemistry --> affects body chemistry in same way --> same chemistry signals same genes in same ways --> same gene expression creates the samhe proteins (building blocks of cells and life) which keeps the body the same.

So, same thoughts => same biology, same health, same life.

Are you hurting? Seeking? Healing?

Bear says it’s time to connect and cultivate your intuitive knowing. Call upon Bear medicine, she says, sing for it, call for it! I am here!



Most of my readings are filled with visuals, symbols, and metaphorical storytelling, so I often seek further clarification afterward from teachers and texts, and google of course, to help deepen my understanding of what was shown to me. I started this reading off focused on my upcoming Feeding Your Wild retreat, but it became clear this was a message for a larger audience in this time.

According to Ted Andrews (Animal Speak) and Ina Woolcott, Bear medicine teaches us introspection, aiding us to digest our experiences and to discover that we have within ourselves the answers to all our questions. The catch is that we must tune in: slow down and listen to what our intuition, our inner knowing voice is telling us. This often requires us to be with just ourselves at times, so you can be yourself and are able to uncover your own answers to whatever challenge you are facing.

The bear has lunar symbology giving ties to the subconscious and even unconscious mind. The bear teaches us how to go within to find the resources necessary for survival, and draw upon all of your inner stores of energy and essence even those which have never been tapped or accessed.

Andrews tells us that meditating and working with bear will help you to go within your soul’s den your inner sanctum to find your answers.

Amazing fun fact...

The female bear gives birth to the cubs during their heavy sleep - semi-hibernation stages! This is why Bear is also seen as a symbol of the deepest inner wisdom, of the dreamtime, transformation, and trust in ourselves and Mother Earth who nurtures us. This is a state of surrender and receptivity. As we delve deep into our identities and lose our egos, going back to our primal and elemental natures, we find we are connected to all that is - all of life, Universe, and spirit. Of course, this must be done in cycles, so just like Bear you need to know when to come out of ‘hibernation’ and to interact with others!

What’s waiting to be discovered, nurtured, and birthed from within you?


An Invitation...

At the Feeding Your Wild Women’s retreat Oct 19 - Oct 22, 2017, we’ll be diving into the deepest parts of ourselves, connecting with nature and one another on amazing sacred healing lands, and learning some powerful healing techniques through food + nature... I’m SO PUMPED about this event because it’s an opportunity for all of us to begin nourishing ALL parts of ourselves. By connecting to our inner wild and wise woman in this way, we can begin to know + integrate the “right” foods for our unique bodies, minds, and souls.

FEEDING YOUR WILD RETREAT is a journey designed to reclaim the wise & wild woman inside you — a roadmap to get unstuck, reconnected with your inner guide & nature, and deeply rooted inside a supportive community. 


We would love to have you! Click here to learn more + apply! 


{Video} She overcame 20+ years of chronic pain… this is how she did it

Imagine having to deal with chronic pain daily… for over 20 years. An invisible illness that others don’t see, but that you secretly deal with everyday preventing you from fully experiencing life in the way that you desire. Constantly worried about when the next flare up or breakout will happen, unable to do “normal” things you love like ride your bike or have sex without pain…

Going from doctor to doctor, trying to figure out what is “wrong” with you, trying all kinds of treatments, and not getting answers. Feeling alone, suffering from a chronic condition, doomed to a life filled with fear, frustration, and pain.

This is what Rebecca has had to deal with – and so many other women with chronic health challenges, seen and unseen.

After working together, Rebecca was finally able to experience relief and start enjoying those moments in life that we so often take for granted.

Her healing journey and story is an inspiring one and I had the honor of interviewing her so that she can share words of advice and hope for other women dealing with chronic illness.

In this video, we talk about our work together, Rebecca’s healing journey, what dietary approaches we used, how her faith, spirituality, and community played a huge role in Rebecca’s healing, and words of inspiration for those who are struggling.

While Rebecca’s story and process is unique to her (and that goes for the dietary approach and protocol we implemented, as EVERYONE is different!), her pain and challenges are universal. There are so many healing tools out there to support and enhance your body’s own innate capacity for healing – whether it’s food as medicine, community, spiritual practice, radical self care and love, meditation, and so much more! My intention for sharing Rebecca’s story is to instill hope in those that feel discouraged, and to share the tools that have worked for her.


A holistic + soul nourishing approach to healing

If you (or an amazing woman you love) have been experiencing chronic health challenges and are ready to dive deeper into your unique healing journey with an expert and guide, sign up for a complimentary 15 minute discovery session with me below. Together, we’ll explore what is possible for you and how working one-on-one with me could support you in achieving your health + soul goals. Can’t wait to connect with you!

Click here to sign up for a Complimentary 15 Min. Discovery Session

The Profound Tool That is Transforming My Healing + Practice

Hellllllllooooooo (echoes... because I literally live in a valley now)!

Psst - I’m sharing a New Moon special + free offering at the bottom of this article, in case you want to skip the lessons and come back to the juicy updates later ;)


Healer... heal thyself.

Man have SO many changes happened the past few months! At the end of January, I did a cross country move, pretty much uprooting my life and planting myself into an environment that is amazingly beautiful in Southern Oregon with valleys, mountains, and expansive nature.

For the first few weeks, I was feeling like...

But after about a month, I started to notice strange things happening to my body and health. Random symptoms I’ve never experienced started creeping up, and I couldn’t shake a “brain fogginess” that I hadn’t experienced in years. My digestion was off, my skin was breaking out, and I had signs of internal inflammation and hormonal wackiness going on that weren’t going away.

Healer... it’s time to heal thyself.

Of course, I busted out my usual arsenal of tools to boost my immune system - probiotics, vitamin C, zinc, bone broth, fresh juices + healing foods, etc. And when that wasn’t working, I upped the ante with some herbal antimicrobials.

I’m creating a new home, new friends, new work ALL WHILE juggling a full-time Master’s program, building 2 businesses, relationships, and... life. I don’t have time to be sick!

When things started to get worse instead of better, I enlisted the help of my dear herbalist guru friend Megan Liebmann because when you’re down for the count, you can’t do it alone. She made some great herbal recommendations to nourish my liver and digestive system, reminded me of things I need to be doing regularly, and supported me in a compassionate way that is healing medicine in itself.

New environment = new microbes, viruses, tree pollen, bugs, vibration and more.

My body has been going thru total “transplant shock” and honestly, it’s been easier to slip out of my self-care practices lately... luckily I have a tribe of supportive women who help me remember my truth and the healthy practices that keep me there.

I also realized I had to slow down and begin to approach myself lovingly as I would if I were my own client. So, I had a session with myself.

I took inventory of all of the things I had been doing, all of my symptoms, and began to tune into my own intuition about what was going on. Part of this exercise included opening my own Akashic Records and exploring what guidance was coming through around my own healing.

Lately, I've been blending my clinical/functional nutrition work along with my spiritual work with the Akashic Records for an even deeper holistic approach.

I’ve been trained as an Akashic Record reader and had been reading my own records long before incorporating it into work with clients. It's been an incredible, expansive experience for myself and the amazing women I work with.

If the Akashic Records is a new concept to you, here’s a little info...


What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records is a vast, energetic database that holds the vibrational imprints of your soul, soul's history and purpose in this life including thoughts, events & emotions. The Records originate in divine potential beyond linear time and space, flowing into form through the creative effort of our lives.

Think of it like a database in the “cloud” that stores all of our information much like Google, and you can access that information to support your journey here on earth. You can ask and explore questions relating to healing themes and anything pertaining to the evolution of the present incarnation of your soul’s journey. You don’t have to be of any particular faith, domination, etc. The Records are for everyone, and they don’t discriminate ;)

What came thru in my own reading was a mix of practical tidbits and profoundly deep insights for me, of which I’ll share a few...

  • No nuts or grains.
  • Pay attention to your dreams.
  • You’re processing a lot of sh*t - grief, generational healing, integration... Be patient.
  • You’re releasing, purging, letting go of “gunk” in your cells and vibrational field that’s been accumulated over lifetimes and inter-generationally. You’re “upgrading” in this new environment.
  • Continue to drink lots of water.
  • There is an energetic pouring out that needs to happen - create space for that.
  • We live in a quantum existence - when we shift our own energetics, it alters the course of our lives, past & future in real time.
  • Don’t fight it - embrace it, with as much ease and softness that is possible.
  • Spend time in nature, connect and create ritual + relationship with nature.
  • Share your journey of your healing process - we are all reflections of each other, having a mirror will add joy and expedience to the process.

And so here I am vulnerably sharing part of my healing process with you.

I received even more personal insights that related to my healing and challenges. With all of this information, I was able to finally make specific small and big shifts that led to major results.

I also continued to receive guidance in my dreams (after finally paying attention to them). While I’m still “integrating” and healing, I feel SO much better and know I’m on the right track.


When we create space for ourselves to tune into our own intuition and knowing - and allow guidance to flow through from that place - the healing has already begun.

On Monday, we had the first New Moon of the Spring Equinox - this is an incredible time to plant seeds for our visions, healing, and growth.

Since the feedback and results from my Akashic Nutrition sessions have been so wonderful, I feel called to offer this kind of support in a new way to my community...

Wildly Rooted Soul Nutrition Sessions are a combination of clinical functional nutrition, deep spiritual inquiry through Akashic Soul Records, and exploration of the subconscious to uncover the root of blocks, limiting thoughts, and old beliefs. Through this process, we focus on bringing healing and alternative new truths for the nourishment of body, mind, and spirit.

Each 60-minute session is fully customized to the person, includes a comprehensive intake + Akashic Record inquiry process where we dive deep into diet/lifestyle, health history, challenges, and aspirations + soul goal setting!

I’m offering a SPRING EQUINOX 🌑 NEW MOON SPECIAL for those ready to plant seeds toward their vision in this potent time!

This experience is for creative and visionary women who may be held back by pesky or chronic health challenges, and are ready for this kind of exploration, support, and expansion.

Regular Price: $180    *NEW MOON SPECIAL: $97*

The special session price is available until April 15.



*And please share this with a woman you know who might benefit!



A Certified Holistic Health Counselor, Functional Nutritionist, and Intuitive Nourishment Coach, Venessa Rodriguez is committed to helping wild-hearted women build physical health & vitality so they can unleash their creativity, tap into their spirituality and support what they really want to get in life.

Venessa is the founder of Unveiled Wellness (a functional nutrition private practice) & Wildly Rooted - a community where she offers a blend of holistic nutrition tools and healing modalities, nature-based ritual, and intuitive coaching.

Venessa holds a BA in International Studies from University of Chicago, completing Masters in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine from University of Bridgeport, multiple nutrition coaching certifications, and has been trained in Akashic Records and Andean Mystical Traditions energy work. Venessa has also been a performance artist as a dancer and actor for over 20 years and loves to weave creativity and storytelling into her work.

A Chicago girl at heart, Venessa now lives on a 15 acre organic farm in the heart of the Applegate Valley region in Southern Oregon. If you'd like to learn more about Venessa & her philosophy on health and wellbeing, you can check out this recent interview on the WisdomWomen Podcast.


Your Wildest, Soulful Best Year Yet


Hey Good-lookin'!

First off, happy sweetest Valentine's Day! The cup has runneth over with love from yesterday into today... Sending you SO much love, thanks and gratitude for being a part of this community and reading these words that I write from time to time. I appreciate your presence and have a special gift for you if you're into it :)

But first, some real talk. January and the first half of February have kicked my ass already. Not in a bad way, but in a this-ain't-Kansas-no-more-Dorothy kind of way.

Can you relate?

This is setting up to be an interesting and very potent year for many folks (many of my clients are saying the same), and this is the perfect time to transmute those initial January intentions into inspired action for the rest of the year.

One of my biggest intentions for 2017 is to stay radically committed to transparency and bringing my ALL to my mission of helping others through their healing journeys.

That means no longer hiding and censoring. No longer compartmentalizing myself and my gifts. No longer compromising myself for the perceived sake of others.

There's a perception of safety and comfort in hiding and holding ourselves back. There's an illusion that we won't get hurt, suffer, or make others uncomfortable.

But here's the problem:

You can't change the world if you're hiding from it.

Click to tweet that out.

And you can't grow into the being you are meant to be on this Earth walk if you are hiding from yourself.

I often bring the art of tarot and intuitive practices into my work with clients.

Yup - I'm a highly trained evidence-based functional nutritionist that uses hard science AND deep spiritual tools and intuition because they work really well together. No longer in hiding ;)

One card that continues to show itself this year is the major arcana Tower card.

The Tower card is all about change, upheaval and worlds crumbling and literally falling apart around you.

While this can be a painful and confusing period, think of it like your Madonna Reinvention Tour card. The shell, identity, or world you have created or been living inside is blowing up in a necessary way for you to grow, expand and rise from the burning flames like the phoenix. A shamanic death. An emergence from your chrysalis cocoon.

The question is... what's your next move in this breakthrough?

It's time. Time to release what's old, not you, old stories and patterns, stale relationships (including those to food, health and yourself), and open yourself up to your Wild Soul New Year so you can see real transformation in your health - mind, body & soul.

That's why I would love to connect with you one-on-one for support and offer a free session to anyone who is interested and feeling called to dive deeper into their health and life THIS year to make it their wildest, most soulful and best year yet!

This Wild Soul New Year Discovery session is for you if...

  • You've been dealing with chronic or mystery health challenges that won't go away

  • You've seemingly tried everything and not seeing the results you would like in your health & life
  • You know you are meant to go deeper, rise higher, and make an impact on the world but your health or stuck old habits are holding you back

It’s my heart-felt intention to support you in your journey and healing path. Let's begin the process of making lasting changes and crafting your ecstatic life... ready?

Wild Soul New Year Discovery Session (30 min)

In this FREE discovery session, we’ll set the stage for you as Creatrix of your new year. We'll dive into what’s holding you back right now from having the health and life you desire (Lack of time? Habits? Discipline? Self-sabotage?) and create a vision that will pull you forward toward your soul goals.

This is also an opportunity for you to explore working together this year so you can finally make transformative changes in your health + life with the support of an intuitive nourishment coach by your side using functional nutrition, Akashic Records, and holistic healing modalities. 10 spots available. Calls conducted over phone/Skype. *For New Clients Only*

Click here to schedule your session before they are gone!

Email hello@unveiledu.com for more info or if you have questions.


I'm putting together lots of new offerings and fun ways to connect to this community of wild-hearted change-makers who are ready to step up in their health + life, so stay tuned.

Until then, stay wildly rooted!



A Certified Holistic Health Counselor, Functional Nutritionist, and Intuitive Nourishment Coach, Venessa Rodriguez is committed to helping wild-hearted women build physical health & vitality so they can unleash their creativity, tap into their spirituality and support what they really want to get in life.

Venessa is the founder of Unveiled Wellness (a functional nutrition private practice) & Wildly Rooted - a community where she offers a blend of holistic nutrition tools and healing modalities, nature-based ritual, and intuitive coaching.

Venessa holds a BA in International Studies from University of Chicago, finishing Masters in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine from University of Bridgeport, coaching certifications from Institute for Integrative Nutrition & Holistic Nutrition Lab, and has been trained in Akashic Records and Andean Mystical Traditions and energy work. Venessa has also been a performance artist as a dancer and actor for over 20 years and loves to weave creativity and storytelling into her work.

A Chicago girl at heart, Venessa now lives on a 15 acre organic farm in the heart of the Applegate Valley region in Southern Oregon. If you'd like to learn more about Venessa & her philosophy on health and wellbeing, you can check out this recent interview on the WisdomWomen Podcast.

3 Things You MUST Do First To Make Lasting Change

3 things you must do to create lasting change - blog image.png


Turn and face the strange...

Strange fascination, fascinating me

Changes are taking the pace I'm going thru

~ David Bowie

Happy frickin New Year!

Yes, we are in 2017 and there is a TON I want to say about how magical and strange this exact moment in time is... can you feel it?

But first, changes.

Yours and mine (a couple of biggies... scroll down if you want to skip ahead for a sneak peak of those changes).

This is the time of year where we’re usually sprinting toward our goals.

We’re putting our gym shoes on, yoga pants are put to actual use instead of just looking cute and “healthy” chilling at the cafe, and we start that new clean eating program that everyone’s talking about.

Oh yea, and we’re actually meditating every day!

Fast forward to February or March and the gyms start to get less packed.

We start to fall off the clean eating wagon, and old excuses and habits start to creep up.

Maybe old voices you thought you left behind last year start whispering in your ear again.

Making real changes in your life can seem hard.

We as humans don’t like change. We are paralyzed by the unknown.

And there are a lot of unknowns when we’re making big changes in our lives.

Sometimes we run toward the unknown with excitement, motivation, willingness, and anticipation. And sometimes there is... let’s call it resistance.

Why does this happen?

Well... lots of reasons.

Old habits and thought patterns are wired in our brains and physiology.

It’s familiar. It’s comfortable. We know the result and it doesn’t require change or a whole lot of thinking.

That’s why most people are so terrible at self-care, or choosing that “other” option that is probably best for us but is so scary and new... and might result in actual change - gasp!

We’re all guilty of this. It’s natural and a part of our protection mechanism that we evolved with as a species.

The unknown, i.e. the strange new berries that could potentially be toxic or the possible carnivorous creatures that may lurk in the dark path less traversed, was a very real (and life vs death) threat.

Choosing to stay with what we knew meant that we were safe.

So here we are. Living in modern times, different dangers, but way more stress and fear.

And that same old mechanism that used to protect us is holding us back from the life we actually want.

This means we need to do things differently. And 2017 is the perfect year to do this!

Numerologically, 2016 was a “9” year... this means a year of closing, end of an era or phase.

2017 marks an Universal 1 year of this millennium.

1 is all about beginnings and new initiatives of all kinds.

Perfect time to implement and integrate everything you have worked on but maybe haven’t quite made apart of your life (ahem... resolutions from 3 years back)...

... BUT from a new place and version of yourself.

SO HOW DO I DO THAT? You ask...

Venessa - I lack time, money, motivation, willpower, discipline, knowledge, {insert what’s holding you back here}... You say.

If you want to truly make lasting changes and craft a life of your own design (AND IT’S MORE THAN POSSIBLE!), you MUST do these 3 things first...

(Grab a journal and pen - answer these powerful questions):

1. Go beyond the surface excuses (like the ones listed above) and find what is really holding you back.

It’s not that these excuses aren’t valid or fake - they’re very real. But they are not the whole story.

Ask yourself this question: "What is holding me back from the life I want?"

Go deeper than surface excuses. What are all of the good reasons for not getting the life you want? (If you are struggling with creating lasting change and not seeing results, there is ALWAYS a “good” reason behind it).


2. Get crystal clear on who you want to be and what you truly desire.

How well do you know yourself?

Ask yourself this question: “What is the purpose of my life? What do I want/desire?”

These are giant questions that can stir up a lot (as in a lot of ideas or a lot of nothing because you have no idea, which then stirs up a ton of emotions and thoughts).

PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT COMES UP. Take your time with this, and keep asking until you feel that the answer resonates with your heart and soul.

Remember, it always starts with a feeling...


3. Take 100% responsibility for yourself - not more, not less. Own it.

Ask yourself this: "Where in your life are you not taking 100% responsibility for yourself?"

Do you try to help others to the detriment of yourself? Do you avoid facing things that you know are in your control?

You can’t control other people or events that happen, so stop trying - believe me, this will save you so much energy!

You also need to step up and take ownership for your own actions and intentions.

You cannot craft the healthy, happy life you desire without this step. Are you ready?


Mine own big changes...

After 5 years of dreaming, scheming, failing, then dreaming again and never losing faith... I’m finally MOVING!

I’ve dreamt of moving to the western US for so long, and next week it’s becoming a reality. I’m moving to rural Southern Oregon in a town that is immersed in expansive nature, sustainable farming, and holistic health, AND I will finally be with my love and partner as we embark on a new adventure together :)

What does this mean for my Chicago folks?

I’m still here for you! I work with people all over the US via phone or video chat - it’s just as fun and effective, I promise :)

I’m also creating new offerings, programs and opportunities for you to learn, heal, grow and connect with me and other amazing folks just like you... 2017 is gonna be fun!

It’s my heartfelt intention to support you in your journey and healing path. Stay tuned for a new opportunity to begin the process of making lasting changes and crafting your ecstatic life in the next post...

Until then, stay wildly rooted!