Living in the Chrysalis :: Navigating a Nomadic Lifestyle, Gift Economy & the Unknown with Michelle Stransky

Michelle Stransky

Butterflies have always fascinated me, there’s something about butterflies and the transformation process that provides a sense of hope and connection to divinity or Source. I know that many of us are experiencing a deep sense of being in the chrysalis alchemy at a collective level. So when I received a message from Michelle Stransky about the process of transformation and the cocoon that she is living in right now, I knew I had to share it with others.

Sometimes we don’t know where we’re going, and we’re in these “in between” phases which is challenging but we have an internal GPS and blueprint for what we can bring and become. What is required is trust, time, and a container - this chrysalis... today Michelle shares how she is living in this process and shares wisdom from her own personal knowing.

I met Michelle in an organization she started called WisdomWomen, which is in its own process of transformation. In this episode, Michelle talks about her trajectory from a corporate career to Wisdom 2.0 and saying YES to starting her own project, WisdomWomen, which has led to a way of living and being that she never anticipated.

Michelle shares how she has had to dismantle and “undo” ways of having and participating in community, her experience living a nomadic lifestyle and in the “gift economy,” what it is, how she got started and the many ways it’s shaping her life. We cover trust, synchronicities, relationships and of course fear and scarcity mentality around money... and all the ways Michelle has had to face them and overcome them. Michelle shares her vision for the future and words of wisdom for those just starting out on this journey.

Michelle Stransky most recently founded WisdomWomen, a safe space for women to collectively grieve, dream, explore emergence, experiment with collaboration, tend to conflicts and heal through relationships - all in service to growing a more beautiful world. She recently closed all WisdomWomen activities in order to allow the organization to enter into its next evolution. As the mysterious process of metamorphosis unfolds, Michelle continues to experiment with community building, emergence, land-based living, the gift economy, new paradigm relationship and creative collaboration.

Prior to WisdomWomen, Michelle was the Conference Director at Wisdom 2.0 where she produced large-scale events that expanded the mindfulness movement in business and technology. For a decade before, Michelle was an organizational change and development consultant to clients such as NASA, Wells Fargo and General Motors. During her transition out of corporate, she spent years training in various transformational programs and became an Executive Life Coach and Facilitator for the Shakti Malan Academy.

For the past two years, Michelle and her husband have been living a nomadic lifestyle, journeying amongst places like Santa Cruz, Colorado, Prague, and Hawaii.

Show Notes

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Michelle’s trajectory from corporate career to Wisdom 2.0 and saying Yes to starting her own project birthing of WisdomWomen -

  • How do we as women contribute our wisdom to our society and create a better world in ways we have not done before?

  • How Michelle had to dismantle and “undo” ways of having and participating in community

  • How a series of failures, conflicts, and intuitive listening served her to open up to a greater field of intelligence instead of forcing things to be a certain way

  • How to hold a container in a way that is outside of a yang, directed, agenda-led

  • TRUST - how to cultivate trust in this world, forgoing concepts of practicality and “job security”

  • Michelle’s experience living in the “gift economy” and a nomadic lifestyle, what it is and how she got started and the ways it’s shaping her life

  • How partnership and family has played a part in her journey with her calling, and how living in an alternative way has impacted her relationship

  • What Michelle has learned and realized through her challenges in partnership around trusting the wild they’re on together

  • Michelle’s viewpoint around the concept of “stability”

  • The importance of honest and open communication no matter how difficult or painful it may seem and how it liberates everyone in the end

  • Seeing relationships, businesses, projects etc as entities that are born and develop, and how that has evolved with Michelle’s movement with WisdomWomen

  • How synchronicity and support from a greater network unfolded for Michelle as they began living within the gift economy, creating interdependence, community and sharing of resources

  • How vulnerability and receiving plays a big role

  • How Michelle overcame fear and scarcity mentality around money and shift in where she places her sense of security

  • Why allowing your curiosity to lead the way can support living in the gift economy within a world that does not

  • How Michelle has surprised herself by living in this new way

  • Michelle shares her vision of co-creating a land-based community and new world calling to work through difficult power/money/sex/greed dynamics

  • Words of wisdom for others just starting out on this journey and in the middle of their own metamorphosis

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