#UNFILTERED Moon Musings :: New Moon in Aquarius :: Pregnant Pause & Surrendering to Mystery

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This Episode's Theme...

#UNFILTERED Moon Musings :: New Moon in Scorpio :: Pregnant Pause & Surrendering to Mystery

Venessa and Megan chat about the themes of this New Moon in Aquarius: the Pregnant Pause, surrendering to the dark mystery & what we’re each working thru in this cosmic new year.

A moon in Aquarius brings up the feels of rebellion, resistance, and intellect, as well as activation of our throat chakra & thyroid… speaking our Truth. We offer ways of connecting in with the gestation, push-pull energies, and how we can begin preparing for the new age of Aquarius. We also cover the tools we are working with to support us on the emotional & energetic levels!

Venessa @wildlyrooted
Megan @amethyst_and_rose

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Resources + Links Mentioned

Akashic Records + Intuitive Readings with Venessa

Kate Northrup - Origin

The Transformative Power of Flower Essences with Katie Hess of LOTUSWEI

Alexis Smart - Ganesh Flower Remedy

Lotuswei - Night Blooming Cereus Flower Elixir

Love Hive Yoga

Heal documentary - available on Netflix

White Owl Flies Into and Out of the Field by Mary Oliver

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