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Ep 92 #UNFILTERED Moon Musings :: New Moon In Libra :: Forging New Alliances With Your Body, Herbal Support for Veins

Ep 91 Liminal Dreaming :: Surfing the Edges of Consciousness with Jennifer Dumpert

Ep 90 The Art of Personal Mythmaking For Healing & Transformation with Janelle Hardy

Ep 89 #UNFILTERED Moon Musings :: Full Moon In Pisces :: Feet, Flow, Fall, Feel: Stand Tall In Yourself This Harvest Moon

Ep 88 Woke Womb Work: Healing Generational Trauma & Reclaiming Yoni Power with The Brujas of Brooklyn

Ep 87 SEPTEMBER :: Akashic Soul Nourishment Reading :: The Great Linear Illusion + Taking Yourself For A Spin

Ep 86 #UNFILTERED Moon Musings :: New Moon In Leo :: Leading with HEART & Broadcasting LOVE

Ep 85 AUGUST :: Akashic Soul Nourishment Reading :: Tune Out to Tune In & The Waves Within

Ep 84 The Magical Mundane, Plant Allies As Guides, & Personal Sovereignty with The Botanical Bruja Lola Venado

Ep 83 #UNFILTERED Moon Musings :: Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Capricorn :: It’s In Your Bones

Ep 82 Q & A :: Tending Your Fire, Acne Triggers, Gut Repair & Gut Instinct

Ep 81 Indigenous Right Relationship Building & Unspoken Truths Living Through Us with Pulxaneeks

Ep 80 #UNFILTERED Moon Musings :: Total Solar Eclipse New Moon in Cancer :: Nurturing Body Talk

Ep 79 JULY :: Akashic Soul Nourishment Reading :: Somatic Remembrance, Course Corrections, Water As The Great Conductor

Ep 78 Moving Thru Personal & Collective Trauma Spells and Reclaiming Pleasure & Empowerment with Rachael Maddox

Ep 77 #UNFILTERED Moon Musings :: Full Moon in Sagittarius :: Hips Don’t Lie. Root Chakra, Sciatica, & Taking Risks

Ep 76 Farming While Black: Restoring Sacred and Just Relationship with the Land & One Another with Leah Penniman

Ep 75 #UNFILTERED Moon Musings :: New Moon in Gemini :: What wants to come up and out in you? Lungs as Gatekeepers

Ep 74 JUNE :: Akashic Soul Nourishment Reading :: Cosmic Rhythm, Breaking Sound Barriers, & Tuning Into Miracles

Ep 73 Connecting to Our Inner Wildness Thru Breathwork & Curiosity with Eryn Johnson

Ep 72 Evolutionary Herbalism :: Tending to the Inner Cosmos with Holistic Plant Medicine with Sajah Popham

Ep 71 #UNFILTERED Moon Musings :: Full Moon in Scorpio :: Riding Emotional Waves, Pain + Pleasure, & Body Sovereignty

Ep 70 FEED YOUR WILD TURNS 1! First Anniversary Special :: Curanderismo, Prophecy & Mindfulness with Brenda Salgado

Ep 69 MAY :: Akashic Soul Nourishment Reading :: RELAX INTO EVOLUTION: Crimson Blessings & Green Hearts

Ep 68 #UNFILTERED Moon Musings :: New Moon in Taurus :: Tending the Throat Chakra, Sore Throat Tips, Speaking Your Truth

Ep 67 BOUNDARIES :: How to Have Healthy Ones, Dealing With Boundary Bullies, & Ditching the Disease to Please with Terri Cole

Ep 66 Overcoming Love Addiction, Ancestral Trauma, & Sacred Sexuality for Healing with Christine Gutierrez

Ep 65 #UNFILTERED Moon Musings :: Full Moon in Libra :: Fear, Kidney Stones, UTIs, WTF is Balance Anyway?

Ep 64 INTUITION x HEALTH :: How to Connect to Your Intuition to Support Your Well-Being, Intuitive Eating, & Practical Witch Tips

Ep 63 The DIRT on Microbes, Toxins, Stress & Spirit with Dr. Maya Shetreat

Ep 62 #UNFILTERED Moon Musings :: New Moon in Aries :: Hot Heads, Migraines, Trials of Parenthood

Ep 61 APRIL :: Akashic Soul Nourishment Reading :: EXPANSION THRU DIVERSITY: Healthy Dissonance, Fractals, & In-formation that Shapes Us

Ep 60 Living in the Chrysalis :: Navigating a Nomadic Lifestyle, Gift Economy & the Unknown with Michelle Stransky

Ep 59 #UNFILTERED Moon Musings :: Full {Super} Moon in Libra :: Balance, Being Kind to Your Kidneys, Cord Cutting For Spring Equinox

Ep 58 Awakening the Healer Within :: Intuitive Healing & Plant Medicine with Asia Suler

Ep 57 #UNFILTERED Moon Musings :: New Moon in Pisces :: Getting in Flow Head to Toe

Ep 56 Akashic Records 101: Accessing Powerful Soul Messages for Clarity, Healing & Growth

Ep 55 MARCH :: Akashic Soul Nourishment Reading :: SEEDS & SWORDS: Cultivating Your Truth With Knowledge & Trust

Ep 54 Re-Wilding Our Minds, Magic Mushrooms & Messages From Unseen Realms with Shonagh Home

Ep 53 #UNFILTERED Moon Musings :: Full Moon in Virgo :: Practical Magic

Ep 52 Quantum Languaging: Co-create Your Reality Using The Power of Words with Dani Katz

Ep 51 What You Didn’t Know About Cancer :: A Metabolic Approach, Mitochondrial Health, & Soul Wisdom with Dr. Nasha Winters

Ep 50 #UNFILTERED Moon Musings :: New Moon in Aquarius :: Pregnant Pause & Surrendering to Mystery

Ep 49 FEBRUARY :: Akashic Soul Nourishment Reading :: Reacquaintance With Our EMERALD Wisdom Thru SILENCE & IMAGINATION

Ep 48 JANUARY :: Akashic Soul Nourishment Reading :: Free Falling Into A New Knowing

Ep 47 The Medicine of Place: Place-Based Herbalism, Imaginative Realms, & Land Connection with Tyler Wauters

Ep 46 #UNFILTERED Moon Musings :: Winter Solstice Full Moon In Cancer :: Medicine is in the Mundane

Ep 45 Decolonizing Health :: Hood Herbalism & Bruja Wisdom with Berenice Dimas

Ep 44 The Transformative Power of Flower Essences with Katie Hess of LOTUSWEI

Ep 43 #UNFILTERED Moon Musings :: New Moon in Sagittarius :: The FIRE Within, Navigating Fevers Naturally, Intention Setting for 2019

Ep 42 DECEMBER :: Akashic Soul Nourishment Reading :: Heart-Centered Grace & Gentle Pace

Ep 41 Connecting with Your Ancestors & Reclaiming a Sense of Belonging with Becca Piastrelli

Ep 40 #UNFILTERED Moon Musings :: Full Moon in Gemini :: Navigating Health During Holidays + Herbal Support For Lungs

Ep 39 How to Get Wildly UNSTUCK: Mastering the Mindset of Health

Ep 38 #UNFILTERED Moon Musings :: New Moon in Scorpio :: Emerging from Darkness + QA on How to Eat For PCOS

Ep 37 How To Bring Balance To Your Home, Health + Life Using The Art Of Feng Shui With Anjie Cho

Ep 36 NOVEMBER :: Akashic Soul Nourishment Reading :: Find Your RHYTHM + Be the Dancing Rocks

Ep 35 #UNFILTERED Moon Musings :: Full Moon in Taurus :: Ancestral Healing + QA on Trauma, Dark Eye Circles + More

Ep 34 Holotropic Breathwork & Re-sacralizing the World (Within + Without) with James Frazier

Ep 33 Reclaiming Our Erotic Energy, Consciousness Expanding Plant Magic & Mamahood with Riyana Rose Sang

Ep 32 Why You Need to Eat Weeds: Serving Up Wild Foods, Invasive Species + Truth with Sunny Savage

Ep 31 #UNFILTERED Moon Musings :: New Moon in Libra :: Air Alchemy, Changing Winds, & Feeling Safe in Transitions

Ep 30 OCTOBER :: Monthly Akashic Soul Nourishment Reading :: Extracting Light From The Muck - Becoming Shadow Transformers

Ep 29 #UNFILTERED Moon Musings :: Full Moon in Aries :: Harvest Moon Celebrations, Thought-Seed Saving, & Firing up for Fall

Ep 28 How to Go From Confusion + Burn Out --> Clarity, Pleasure + Purpose: Uncovering Ancient Wisdom for Impactful Leadership With Ashley Burnett

Ep 27 Dangers of Being A "Good Girl" + Deconstructing the False self with Dr. Emelia Sam

Ep 26 #UNFILTERED Moon Musings :: New Moon in Virgo :: Transformation + Shaping Up Change

Ep 25 Monthly Akashic Soul Nourishment Reading :: SEPTEMBER :: Slide into Rhythms with Conscious Awareness

Ep 24 Healing, Evolving and Re-wilding with Tarot: Aligning with Your Soul’s Truth with Lindsay Mack

Ep 23 Seasonal & Rhythmic Eating: Why it Matters and How to do It

Ep 22 The Story Our Trash Tells: Zero Waste Living with Andrea Sanders

Ep 21 #UNFILTERED Moon Musings :: New Moon in Leo | Solar Eclipse :: Heart Medicine + Setting Up Patterns

Ep 20 Navigating The Stars And Talking To Dead People: Astrology + Mediumship With Jessica Lanyadoo

Ep 19 Becoming a Master of the Living Energy: The Mystical World of the Q'ero of Peru + Andean Cosmovision with Joan Parisi Wilcox

Ep 18 #UNFILTERED Moon Musings :: Full Moon in Aquarius | Lunar Eclipse :: Rest for Healing + Clearance this Blood Moon

Ep 17 Walking the Plant Path: Evolutionary Herbalism + the Magnetic Power of Plants as Teachers + Healers with Whitney Popham

Ep 16 Meet the Wanderer, aka Your Vagus Nerve - Why You Should Care About the Largest Nerve In Your Body + How To Support Your Gut-Brain Connection!

Ep 15 #UNFILTERED Moon Musings :: New Moon in Cancer :: “All our Water holds,” Ebb + Flow

Ep 14 Uncovering Suppressed Histories + Reclaiming Ancient Ways of Living For A Vital Future With Max Dashu

Ep 13 Healing the Healer: A Journey Through The Amazon To The Heart With Irene Shamma

Ep 12 #UNFILTERED Moon Musings :: Full Moon in Capricorn :: Walking The Talk, Alignment + Discernment, Digestive Fire + Gut Talk

Ep 11 María Benedetti on Revitalizing Botanical Traditions of Healing and Reciprocity with Nature

Ep 10 How Working With The Moon Can Change Your Life With Sarah Faith Gottesdiener

Ep 09 #UNFILTERED Moon Musings :: New Moon in Gemini :: Destruction + Creation, How to Love Your Liver, & Addressing Addictions

Ep 08 The Rainbow Diet: Bridging the Gaps Between Science, Soul, & Art in Medicine with Dr. Deanna Minich

Ep 07 Intuitive Eating & Soul Hunger: Breaking Through Eating Challenges with Metaphor & Storytelling with Dr. Anita Johnston

Ep 06 #UNFILTERED Moon Musings :: Full Moon in Sagittarius :: Blooming + Abundance

Ep 05 Overcoming Societal Pressures & Living By Heart: Stepping Into Your Innate Mastery with Catherine Scherwenka

Ep 04 Healing Intergenerational Trauma, Family Constellations, and the Power of Voice Dialogue with Candice Wu

Ep 03 #UNFILTERED Moon Musings :: New Moon in Taurus

Ep 02 Wild Natural Beauty, Walking the Talk, & Motherhood as Medicine with Jessika Le Corre

Ep 01 Tapping Into Your Every Day Medicine with Susan Lipshutz

Ep 00 Welcome to Feed Your Wild :: Food for your Body, Mind, & Soul